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The Chilean Foreign Ministry calls the Argentine ambassador’s comment on the far-right Jose Antonio Cast “unacceptable interference.”


22 November 2021 21:44 GMT

Rafael Bealza, Argentina’s representative in Chile, said in a radio interview that the current presidential candidate had “expressed his opposition to Argentina.”

Chile’s foreign ministry has described Argentine ambassador to the country Rafael Bealza as “unacceptable interference” in uttering “inappropriate words” in the middle of the election process against the far-right presidential candidate, Jose Antonio Cast.

“These revelations signify unacceptable interference in Chile and internal affairs Violates the rules of the Vienna Convention Regarding diplomatic relations, “in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this Monday, a day later General Elections The Republicans’ Cast and Gabriel Borick of the left-wing coalition Abrew Dignity took first and second place, respectively, in the second round on December 19.

The Chilean Foreign Ministry rejected the allegations Interview With the Argentine radio station Radio Con Vos, he compared Cost to the president of Brazil. Jair Bolzano, And with the former US President, Donald Trump.

“Many easily misunderstood phrases, many mistakes, many lack of definitions and very aggressive speech that attacks in some places are painful places for the community, such as immigration,” the Argentine ambassador to Chile declared.

Bylsa made this comparison after recalling that he proposed to create ditches at the borders to prevent foreigners from coming to Chile, and that the cast he had on the right proposed to prevent them from coming to Chile.

“You should not spend 30 years in the shadow of an individual [Augusto] Pinochet, in his various incarnations, did not leave a trace in the soul, “Bylsa announced the votes cast by right-wing candidates, including Chile’s official candidate Cast, Podemos Moss, Sebastian Cecil and the party’s votes.

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“As Pinochet put it, when I refer to order, obedience, and resilience, without him knowing it, It is an element that is very pervasive And especially in popular fields “, confirmed Bielsa.

Controversial statements

Bealza also spoke about the relationship between Argentina and Chile, and promised that it would be more complicated if the Republican candidate wins the ballot.Cost expressed his opposition to Argentina“.

“From telling us that historically we are a stolen territory and that we must stop stealing from Chile, all sorts of racist expressions targeting Argentina, I have accurately recorded, filed, read, read,” he said.

The Argentine ambassador to Chile has accused cast advisers of “shaking” the web with claims of “regional nature” and expressing “a lot of hostility against Peronism”.

“If one follows what he says, it’s hard to imagine, because Argentina’s relationship with Chile could be more complicated in a good way than anything it has with its neighbors.” He said.

Bilateral view with boric

Pizza, on the other hand, carried it If Borik wins, the bilateral relationship will be “very fluid”, In his opinion, he emphasizes fraternity in the speech of the left-wing candidate and understands that “integration is a compulsion for survival”.

For its part, the Chilean Foreign Ministry expressed its desire to “maintain excellent political and diplomatic relations with the Republic of Argentina” within the framework of “mutual friendship” and “mutual respect” that unites the two peoples.