May 25, 2024

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TCL’s new Mini LED TVs deliver superior brightness on a budget

TCL’s new Mini LED TVs deliver superior brightness on a budget

5000 nits. This is the stunning peak of brightness of TCL’s latest flagship QM8 Mini LED TV, and there’s no better example of how the company hopes to stand out from competitors like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Sony and others. This is on a different level than what OLED technology can offer. Have we reached a point where televisions… also shining? There’s no such thing, right?

Starting at $1,999.99 for the 65-inch size (and ranging up to a whopping 115-inch model), the QM8 has thousands of dimming zones — “up to over 5,000,” specifically. Combined with TCL’s image processing, the company is confident that people will get a captivating home theater experience from this Mini LED range at a cost much lower than the cost of top-tier OLED, for example.

The recessive QM7 is no slouch in the brightness department either: it can reach a peak of 2,400 nits and still includes premium TCL features like a variable refresh rate that can be pushed to 240Hz. Both the QM8 and QM7 are what TCL now refers to as “QD-Mini LED,” which indicates you’re getting the best picture quality the company can offer. (The “QD” part stands for quantum dot color.)

From TCL’s perspective, “Mini LED” itself has become a meaningless technical term since there is no set standard for what it actually means within the industry. It’s not just about the size or number of blackout zones. The algorithms that control these dimming zones are equally important for avoiding powdery blacks and other image problems.

Giant screens are another focus this year. Consumer purchasing habits are trending larger and larger in recent years. An 85-inch TV is basically the new 65-inch TV, haven’t you heard? Aside from the QM8 jumbo, TCL also offers three different 98-inch TVs in its lineup. Is it cheap? of course not. The 98-inch QM8 is less than $8,000. But if you have the space and money, this might be better than a projector.

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Even the more basic and affordable S5 series is 25 percent brighter than last year’s model. It’s originally a 60Hz panel, but TCL’s software tricks can push it to 120Hz for gaming. And you still get other features like a new “Enhanced Dialogue” mode to help voices sound clearer. The company’s 2024 lineup continues the Google TV program, and all of its Q-series and S-series TVs are scheduled to start shipping soon.