May 22, 2024

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Studies show how beets help increase muscle strength

Studies show how beets help increase muscle strength

This vegetable has positive effects on muscles if its juice is taken.

There are different types Fruits, vegetables and herbs They have a positive effect on the functioning of the human body. Be it its nutrients, its vitamins or its fiber, its consumption is recommended to keep the body healthy and strong.

One of them Yam. This vegetable is a natural source of potassium. Vitamin C and folates, as well as fiber and water. But a recent study found that it does Other benefits Linked to physical activity, it can improve the body’s performance in a sport or where energy expenditure is not high.

How does beetroot juice affect physical activity?

A British study shows the benefits of drinking beetroot juice before exercise.

A study The latest University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom, concluded that drinking beetroot juice prior to physical activity increased muscle strength. This is because of existence Dietary nitrates in vegetable juice.

In the analysis, consecutive participants were asked to drink a glass of this extract and then do a round one hour later. 60 abstracts of the quadriceps for five minutes. When this was done, the researchers noted a significant increase in nitrate in the muscles Increased muscle strength by 7%.

On the other hand, A study Conducted by Wake Forest UniversityIn his field of health and exercise science, similar results were reached: participants who drank beetroot juice before starting exercise 16% is better than those who did not.

Beetroot can also help with problems related to arterial circulation.
Beetroot can also help with problems related to arterial circulation.

Another major benefit of beets and their good nitrate numbers help Improve circulation and help regulate blood pressure. A Analysis Published in mid International Journal of Hypertension Mentions the possibility of consuming this vegetable to prevent the development of high blood pressure or other similar diseases.

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