June 17, 2024

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII NFTs are stupid little things

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII NFTs are stupid little things

cloud shape

This is a concept of what a “digital version” of the action figure would look like lol
picture: Square Enix

While we’re still waiting/afraid To see what Square Enix NFT plans when it comes to video gamesToday, the publisher announced that its latest blockchain tokens will be linked to some physical Final Fantasy VII merch.

Both the upcoming action figure and some collector cards will have NFTs bundled with them, so if you buy the tangible item, you’ll either get a digital copy (in the case of the figure) or an additional digital card (in the case of cards). You can also get a Certificate of Authenticity for both, again as a token on the blockchain.

While the cards won’t be sold out for a while, you can pre-order the number now. It’s a cloud as it appears Final Fantasy VIIStands about six inches tall and includes some interchangeable hands. You can buy the number alone for $130, or buy a copy that includes the digital copy alongside it for $150.

cloud shape

This is what it looks like in the real world
picture: Square Enix

The company may have been appalled by the negative public reception To the comprehensive NFT plans and just dip one finger nail into the water here, but wouldn’t this approach beat the whole thing? NFTs are supposed to be about synthetic digital scarcity and the supposed “value” of creating something that lives on the blockchain. This doesn’t seem any different from bundling free internet bullshit with action figure – whose rarity will be determined by the number of physical units being altered – something that’s been around ever since. contracts.

It’s funny that the business number won’t be due until November 2023, which means there’s a good chance the infrastructure needed to display your digital copy – you need a specific blockchain wallet, handled by a company called Enjin, the number and cards can only be viewed on a dedicated website – and it won’t be even exists.

Even Square Enix admits it! there full section From the action figure product page called “Warning Before You Buy,” and check out this fine print from the press release:

If the Enjin services expire or are no longer available to Square Enix, users will not be able to view or use the digital cards, digital certificate, and digital versions of the format.


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