November 26, 2022

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One million people in the DALL-E queue will have access to the AI ​​image generator

One million people in the DALL-E queue will have access to the AI ​​image generator

Those waiting for a chance to use DALL-E may get their turn soon. A powerful AI tool that creates images based on text submitted in beta to 1 million queued users, OpenAI, the company that created DALL-E, will open announced today.

Users enter a phrase or series of words into DALL-E, and the tool returns its own interpretation in the form of four images, ranging from cheerful to me Hyperreal. DALL-E 2 update, Launched in April-Added the ability to edit existing photos.

As of last month, the tool was only available for a few thousand It also waited for other users to give them access. Lots of people without access to DALL-E learned about the tool in June when images created with the DALL-E Mini — a less powerful AI image generator inspired by but not related to the OpenAI tool — went viral.

For waitlisted users who have access, here’s how it works: Each claim entered into DALL-E will cost 1 credit, and users will get 50 free credits during their first month. After that, users will get 15 free credits per month. If that’s not enough, additional credits are available for purchase – $15 for 115 credits.

OpenAI says it is working to reduce abuse of the tool which has led to its wider release. The company says it is taking steps such as banning the uploading of real-life faces to reduce the creation of deceptive content and ban users from creating “violent, adult or political content, among other categories”.

Interestingly, users will get the rights to use the images they create, including for commercial uses. This means you can put pictures of the inflatable dog walker on T-shirts and sell them, for example. OpenAI lists illustrations for books, art for publication, and game characters as ways DALL-E users can apply the tool.

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