May 26, 2024

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SpaceX, live rocket launch: Starship takes off from Texas

SpaceX, live rocket launch: Starship takes off from Texas

SpaceX A milestone was reached on Thursday with the third test flight of Starship, a feat of engineering that promises to change the paradigm of space exploration. This technology developed by the visionary thinking of Elon MuskIt is a key part of NASA's ambitious plans to return to the Moon and Musk's future vision of colonizing Mars.

After two previous attempts that ended in spectacular explosions, SpaceX persevered. After a last-ditch effort, the company submitted a package to the Federal Aviation Administration 17 Corrective ActionsIts implementation has ensured the acquisition of the long-awaited air license.

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Sebastian Burghardt

Launched from “Starbase” located in Texas.

Starship, live release

SpaceX: They promise to meet safety requirements

“The FAA determined that SpaceX met all safety requirementsenvironmental, policy and financial responsibility,” the FAA, which oversees launch site safety, said in a statement.

SpaceX's vision of an interplanetary future is realized in the versatile and reusable design of the starship.

SpaceX launch

The launch is planned 7 a.m. CDT Thursday From SpaceX facilities in Boca Chica, Texas. A few minutes late.

  • 7.00 Tex (USA)
  • 6.00 CDMX (Mexico)
  • 7.00 Colombia
  • 13.00 (Spain)
  • 9.00 (Argentina)

Elon Musk

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Space X: Keys to Launch

  • The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted SpaceX a license to test the Starship rocket system.
  • Space X met all safety, environmental, policy and fiscal responsibility requirements set forth by the FAA
  • Starship is a two-stage rocket system designed to form the centerpiece of SpaceX's space launch business.
  • SpaceX aims to fly further and achieve more experimental goals with this Starship flight test.
  • The Starship spacecraft will be critical to both Elon Musk's satellite launch business and NASA's lunar program.
  • This flight test represents a significant milestone in the development of the Starship and space exploration in general.
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