April 17, 2024

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Shell deems it “irresponsible” to cut crude oil because renewables are not advancing

Shell deems it “irresponsible” to cut crude oil because renewables are not advancing

CEO of Shell, Vale Chavan, He considers it “dangerous and irresponsible” to cut oil and gas production because renewable energies are not advancing at the rate necessary to replace them.

The manager told the chain BBCHe emphasized that the world needs more.DesperatelyOil and gas.

Shell has a plan to continue oil production until 2030, which goes against the stance of scientists who are calling for it to be cut to fight the climate crisis.

Climatologist Emily Shuckburgh, of Cambridge University has already said that companies like Shell should focus on accelerating change Ecology Rather than trying to suggest that the most vulnerable groups in society are better off with continued use of oil and gas.

Oil and Gas for Shell

“Cutting oil and gas production is dangerous and irresponsible” Against the cost of living“.

Chavan said last year’s international war over gas created poor countries like Pakistan And BangladeshUnable to pay for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports.

“They took it LNG From those countries, children had to work and study by candlelight,” said the manager. “If we’re going to have a change, it has to be a fair change that doesn’t just work for one part of the world.”

The world is trying to get rid of it Fuels Fossils A commitment to keeping the planet from warming above 1.5°C this century means choosing greener alternatives.

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