May 23, 2024

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By EFE Yellen arrives in China to ease tensions between the two countries

By EFE Yellen arrives in China to ease tensions between the two countries
© Reuters US Treasury Secretary visits China to ease tensions between the two countries

Beijing, July 6 (.).- US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrived in China today to begin her four-day visit aimed at facilitating trade relations between the two countries.

The US government plane on which Yellen was traveling landed in the Asian giant Beijing on Thursday afternoon, various Chinese state media reported.

The US official’s trip will last until July 9 and will include meetings with top Chinese government officials.

Many Chinese analysts expressed a lack of confidence in Yellen’s visit to the Asian country’s state media, citing the official’s importance to the national security of the US and its allies.

However, the Treasury Secretary will seek to work on cooperation on “global challenges” in addition to dealing with issues in the trade of microchips between the two countries.

Yellen’s visit, which comes two weeks after U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s trip to Beijing, is seen as another attempt to ease tensions between the two powers, the Treasury Department said.

In a message released last April, the secretary outlined the relationship’s economic priorities: ensuring national security interests, promoting mutually beneficial growth, and cooperating on global challenges such as the climate crisis and rising debt.

The visit is part of Joe Biden’s administration’s efforts to improve relations with the Chinese administration and prevent the rivalry between the two countries from leading to open conflict, as happened under the previous administration.