May 19, 2024

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Samsung mocks Apple’s iPad Pro announcement; “Creativity cannot be crushed”

Samsung mocks Apple’s iPad Pro announcement;  “Creativity cannot be crushed”

With the debut of the new iPad Pro, Apple debuted a controversial ad that saw creative tools crushed by a hydraulic press. Now, Samsung is responding to the ad with a short clip of the Galaxy Tab S9 saying “Creativity can’t be crushed.”

The Apple iPad Pro “Crush” ad debuted during the company’s launch event on May 7. The ad saw a hydraulic press crush musical instruments, paints, books, camera lenses and more before the iPad Pro was finally revealed. The ad was clearly intended to show how all these elements could be squeezed into the new ultra-thin iPad Pro, but it was intended as a criticism.

For many, the ad has taken on a second meaning to how tech companies engage with creatives and artists, but also how advances in artificial intelligence and technology are casting doubt on traditional means of creativity.

apple The apology for the ad is oversaying it had “missed the mark” and canceled plans to run the ad on television. The ad – which received millions of views – was not deleted from Youtube Or social media, though.

Now, Samsung has stepped in with an ad of its own, showing a musician walking in the wake of Apple’s hydraulic press and picking up a partially destroyed guitar. Then he sits on the stand, he Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra With musical notes, and the musician plays along.

At the end of the ad, Samsung says: “Creativity cannot be crushed.” And, in a Twitter caption/XThe company says it will “never squash creativity.” It’s a clever way to poke fun at Apple’s ad, and it’s nicely done overall, too.

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The timing of the announcement doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Apple is New iPads available For first customers starting today.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is available starting at $799 at Samsung It promotes up to $800 in business credit from its website. The ad also briefly reminds viewers that the Tab S9 series now has “Galaxy AI,” a set of artificial intelligence features that arrived in an update earlier this year.

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