June 16, 2024

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Ron DeSantis signs HB-377 into law to benefit these drivers in Florida

Ron DeSantis signs HB-377 into law to benefit these drivers in Florida

Governor Florida, Ron DeSantisA new law has been signed that brings significant benefits Drivers of rental vehicles In the state. Regulations, Act HB-377Prohibits local governments from requiring Additional driving license For drivers already issued in another district in the state. The move, which will come into effect from July 1, 2024, seeks to simplify the process for those who hire cars for commercial purposes for the transport of passengers or goods.

The legislation, approved unanimously in the Senate, includes specific requirements for its application, such as the driver’s license must be from a permanent residence and not have been suspended or revoked in the past five years.

This law was signed Ron DeSantis It incorporates several bills aimed at protecting the rights of citizens of the state. Among these efforts, the SB 1764 law stands out, introducing more severe penalties for violators participating in street races. According to the governor’s office, the current fines aren’t enough to deter violators. The new law aims to prevent combined incidents involving ten or more vehicles.

Exemptions and exclusions in the new Florida rental vehicle law

The new regulations signed by the governor include important exceptions, highlighting that public-use ports and airports are not subject to the established requirements. In addition, the law provides special cases for certain persons who have a valid and active license or permit to operate a rental vehicle. When these persons provide transportation to persons in stretchers or wheelchairs, or to use common carriers such as buses, taxis, limousines, or other rental vehicles, persons with disabilities, illnesses, or other disabilities are exempt from billing.

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A prominent figure on the American political landscape, Ron DeSantis has cemented his position as a staunch conservative. Conservative principles. The 48-year-old gained fame for his firm stance during the pandemic, where he opposed the closure of schools and businesses in the state. Married to a former television host, DeSantis has built a career combining his military, legal and political experience.

Details of legislation passed by DeSantis in Florida

In this case, the regulations recently issued by the Governor are specifically mentioned Issuance of licenses and permits To rent vehicles in Florida. As defined by the House of Representatives, “When goods or passengers are transported for compensation in a motor vehicle outside a municipal corporation of this state, or when goods are transported for compensation in a motor vehicle that is not the property of an individual, such transportation is deemed to be ‘for rent‘”.

Local governments in Florida typically require additional permits or licenses to operate vehicles such as taxis, limousines, and rental cars. However, one of the key features of the new law is that it prohibits counties from requiring additional licenses if they already have a valid and active license or permit in another county in the state.

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To benefit from this provision, drivers must meet certain requirements:

  • A valid and active license or permit to operate a rental vehicle in their county of permanent residence.
  • Your license or permit has not been suspended or revoked in the past five years.

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Ron DeSantis and “Wars” in America

Endorsed by Donald Trump during the 2018 primaries, DeSantis stood out in his battle for “liberty” and his staunch opposition to a variety of issues he considers fundamental. Among his goals, he has directed efforts against Disney, questioned sex education in schools, and spoken out against communism and illegal immigration. His leadership has been characterized by a straightforward approach and clear vision for policies he believes are essential to Florida’s well-being.