June 15, 2024

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Riot Games co-founder Mark Merrill is the studio’s new head of games

Riot Games co-founder Mark Merrill is the studio's new head of games

The co-founder and former CEO of Riot Games is the new head of games. Mark Merrill, who co-founded League of Legends Back in 2006 with Brandon Beck, he would soon oversee all ongoing and future game projects, Merrill announced on Twitter on Thursday.

The role of Head of Games will put Merrill at the top of Riot’s extensive list of titles now. according to Tweets From Riot CEO, Nicolo Laurent, Merrill will oversee Legend UniversitysAnd braveAnd Teamfight TacticsAnd wild riftAnd Legends of Runeterraas well as Riot’s roster of titles in development such as the fighting game L . project and the Unnamed Runeterra MMO. Riot is also notorious for having quite a few projects in various stages of research and development at any given time, which Merrill will also oversee.

In a statement about Merrill’s new role, Laurent said, “We have ambitious goals for Riot’s next growth phase – it’s really just the beginning of our live gaming and we’re also planning to get into some very different other genres – and Mark is the perfect person to lead our game teams in delivering those amazing experiences to players.”

Merrill served as Riot’s CEO until 2017, when he and Beck moved to the co-chair positions. Since then, Merrill has worked on numerous projects across the company, including League of Legends10th Anniversary In 2019, Riot premiered some of its upcoming games, including brave. Merrill also played a significant role in starting Riot’s entertainment division and producing an animated series on Netflix, mysteriouswhich was released last year to critical and commercial acclaim.

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This new position will see Merrill move away from larger projects like this, in favor of working on the day-to-day development of all of Riot’s titles.