June 16, 2024

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Rebel Wilson comes out, introduces fans to a new girlfriend

Rebel Wilson comes out, introduces fans to a new girlfriend

Rebel Wilson emerged as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community by introducing fans to her new friend.

“I thought I was looking for a Disney Prince…but maybe what I really needed this whole time was a Disney princess 💗🌈💗 #loveislove,” the “Pitch Perfect” actress captioned a selfie on instagram Thursday with a new torch Ramona Agroma.

In May, Wilson joked that she was “Fortunately” in the relationship But she did not reveal the identity of her partner.

She said of Jordana Abraham and Jared Freed: ‘Now I’m happy in a relationship’ The “U Up” podcast. “I met them at a friend’s place.”

Wilson, 42, added that she was looking for love on dating apps, but eventually got to know her new significant other through a friend.

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agroma at the Academy Awards in Vanity Fair.
The pair had been hiding in plain sight as Wilson took an agrum to Vanity Fair’s Oscars earlier. general.

“I was turning the Raya app on and off, but that was a friend’s setup,” she said. “He had known both of us for at least five years and thought we were going to beat her up – then we did!”

The pair were hiding in plain sight, as the “Year Senior” star took Agrouma as her one-on-one addition at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in March. They also took a long weekend trip to Park City, Utah, in April, where they attended an event together on behalf of Operation Smile.

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agroma at the Snowboard Challenge at Operia Smiles Park City.
The pair attended Operation Smile’s 10th annual Park City Ski Challenge in April.
Getty Images of the smile process

Wilson and founder of Lemon Ve Limon take a lot of photos together on the comedian’s Instagram, even though at first it seemed like they were just friends. Agruma’s account is private, so it’s unknown what is being served there or if she shared Wilson’s ad.

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