May 19, 2024

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Ranking of countries with the largest penises for men

Ranking of countries with the largest penises for men

According to the study, the average size of men in Cambodia is just 10 cm. | Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Penis size is a topic that has intrigued and intrigued many. Various studies have attempted to shed light on this issue. One of the most recent studies on this topic evaluated the average penis size in different countries and reveals some surprises, as well as reaffirming and debunking stereotypes.

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According to the study, Ecuadorian men topped the list, boasting the largest penises, averaging 7 inches (17.61 cm) in length. At the other end of the scale is Cambodia, where men are said to be 4 inches (10 cm) shorter on average.

These results may come as a surprise to some, as African countries are expected to dominate the list and the top ten, but, according to the study, the top 15 also includes American and African countries.

According to World Data, the portal that compiled the results, the methodology used in this study is exhaustive.

Researchers reviewed more than 40 recent studies involving thousands of men. They pulled average penis size data from nearly 90 countries and independently verified the measurements. Measurements for each country were averaged and converted to inches to allow comparison between countries.

In terms of historically homogeneous African countries, Cameroon ranks second only to Ecuador, with an average of 16.67 cm. Senegal is sixth, with 15.89 cm. Gambia, seventh, 15.88 cm. Zambia, tenth, 15.78 cm. Angola and Zimbabwe are ranked 13th and 15th with 15.73 cm and 15.68 cm respectively.

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