February 21, 2024

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Putin’s threatening message against “waste and traitors” among Russians allied with Western nations

Putin’s threatening message against “waste and traitors” among Russians allied with Western nations
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Attack of the President Vladimir Putin Wednesday surprised many against the “traitors” of Russia’s upper class.

In a meeting with Russian government ministers, Putin noted that the West was trying to use the “fifth paragraph” of Russians who were unfaithful to their country and associated with Western life in order to divide the Russian people in the conflict with Ukraine.

But he said his people know how to distinguish “bad guys and traitors” from patriots.

“Of course they are [Occidente] They will try to bet on the fifth column, the traitors, the ones who make money here, but the ones who live there. They live in their enslaved thinking, not in the geographical sense, but in the sense of their thoughts, “Putin said.

“I do not value everyone who owns a villa in Miami or on the French Riviera, or for those who can not live without the so-called foie gras, oysters and gender freedom.

“In his opinion, it is a sign of belonging to a caste, a race. Those people are willing to sell their own mother to allow them to sit in the hall of their upper castes. They want to be in that caste and follow it in every way, ”he added.

Putin’s words spread through television and the Internet. Getty Images

The president’s unusually strong tone provoked reactions.

Michael Kasyanov, who served as Putin’s prime minister in the early 2000s, condemned the comments on Twitter.

“Putin is intensifying his efforts to destroy Russia and announcing the beginning of massive repression against those who disagree with the regime.

Political analysts such as Andrei Kolsnikov have expressed their surprise: “Putin, in an Orwellian way, has divided Russia’s citizens into clean and unclean.”

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There will be “self-cleaning”

Putin went on to say that the goal of Western and traitorous Russians was to “destroy Russia” by creating divisions and fears imposed by sanctions imposed since the start of the war with Ukraine.

But he said the country knows how to take action.

“Any people, especially the Russian people, can always distinguish true patriots from dirty and traitors and can simply spit like a mosquito that accidentally flies in their mouth,” the Russian president warned.

“I hope that this natural and necessary self-purification of society will strengthen our country, our unity, solidarity and the will to face any challenge.”

Protests in Russia against the occupation of Ukraine were suppressed by the police. Getty Images

On February 24, Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, calling it the Kremlin’s special military operation, and thousands of people were arrested during protests against the war in Russia.

On March 4, the government passed legislation that would outlaw public action aimed at “discrediting” the Russian military and prohibit the spread of “fake news” against the armed forces.

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