May 22, 2024

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Putin warns Russia will retaliate against Western hostility News

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday that while the country was not seeking special conditions on security grounds, it would respond positively to hostile actions by the West.

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“We do not ask for any special conditions for us. Russia recommends inseparable and equitable security throughout Eurasian space,” the president told a meeting of Defense Ministry staff.

He stressed that if the West continued its “apparent occupation”, Moscow would respond “with adequate technical-military action” and firmly respond to these non-aligned measures.

In this sense, he noted, Russia has every right to act in defense of its security and sovereignty.

Moscow is deeply concerned about the increased US military presence and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In the practice of large-scale maneuvers, including Russian borders and unplanned exercises.

“We do not ask for any special conditions on our behalf. Russia supports inseparable and equitable security throughout Eurasian space,” Putin said.

The Kremlin leader said that if military infrastructure continued to approach Russia, the flight of missiles would be reduced to seven or ten minutes, and the flight of hypersonic weapons to less than five minutes.

He also criticized the United States because, under various pretexts, they guarantee their own security, operate thousands of kilometers from their territory “and declare them obsolete when they come against international law and the UN Charter.”

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“But when they serve their interests, they cite the provisions of international law, the UN Charter, and international human rights,” he lamented, expressing his frustration at these convenient manipulations.

“We are well aware that we can not trust any legal guarantee because for some reason, the United States easily abandons all international agreements that are of no interest to the United States, even for no apparent reason,” he added.

The Russian president has recalled the United States’ withdrawal from anti-missile agreements or the Open Skies Agreement. In turn, he denied that his demands were a final warning.