June 17, 2024

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Putin tells Macron that nuclear power plants are not military targets

Putin tells Macron that nuclear power plants are not military targets
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Russian President Vladimir Putin promised this Sunday Emmanuel Macron He said he had no intention of attacking nuclear power plants in Ukraine and agreed to guarantee their safety under the International Atomic Energy Agency’s technical standards.

The telephone conversation with the French president lasted an hour and three-quarters of an hour, according to the Elysee account, and Putin denied that the civilian military was intent on blaming Ukrainian authorities for evacuating people from the besieged cities. .

Macron pointed out to him that the attacking army was Russian and that it was unbelievable that the Ukrainians were endangering civilians – according to the French president – he “put him before his responsibilities. Militant.”

Meeting details

He reiterated his demand that military action be stopped and that humanitarian law be “fully” respected, according to French President Elizio.

At the nuclear power plants, France proposed a series of actions based on IAEA rules after a Russian attack last Friday on the Zaporizhia plant that caused a fire in the administration building a few hundred meters away from the six reactors.

Macron stressed to Putin that under the sovereignty of Ukraine, all military establishments must comply with these rules, and that none of them should be the subject of war operations.

The Russian president has agreed to work under the technical parameters of the IAEA, which is scheduled to meet with its board of governors tomorrow and make concrete plans.

Later, the French leader presented his talks with Putin to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, urging that any action that endangers nuclear facilities be avoided.

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Macron, according to Elysee, has been asking for Ukraine’s needs in the humanitarian field and wants to continue to increase his assistance.

Putin and Macron held talks

This is the fourth phone conversation between Putin and Macron since the start of the war this Sunday.

The last conversation between the two leaders took place last Thursday and at that time the French president’s decision was that the worst had not yet come.

Macron insists on opening a dialogue channel with the Kremlin leader despite the Ukraine invasion, in parallel with which the Ukrainian president has again called on Western nations to close the skies above their country to avoid bombings and missiles.

Russian attacks continue

In a video released on his Telegram account, Volodymyr Zhelensky denounced the destruction of the airport near the town of Vinnitsia in the west this Sunday by the impact of eight Russian missiles, and above all, he reiterated his message to his allies. NATO: “Close the sky over Ukraine”.

“We have a duty to protect the people and their humanitarian duty so that they can do that,” he said, adding that if Ukrainian airspace is not closed, allow them to defend themselves by providing them with aircraft.

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