March 4, 2024

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Putin signed a decree banning the export of goods and resources

Putin signed a decree banning the export of goods and resources
Caracas.- Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed a decree “on special measures” to guarantee Russia’s economy, authorizing the government to ban the export of goods and raw materials. The purpose of the decree was to “ensure the security of the Russian Federation and the uninterrupted operation of the industry” and will remain in force until December 31, 2022, according to local Russian agencies.

The order bans products and (or) raw materials “exported outside the Russian Federation”, which will be listed in the list approved by the Russian government within the next two days. These activities “include exports from Russia and (or) raw materials and (or) imports into the country for personal use by citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign nationals and non-citizens,” Efe said.

By this decree, the Russian President gives the executive the power to “determine the details of the use of planned activities,” for products or raw materials and natural or legal persons. The government will decide in two days the list of foreign countries where the import of certain goods and raw materials will be banned.

The order comes after US President Joe Biden announced today that his country would ban US imports of “oil, gas and energy” from Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. And today, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said today that Russia has every right to take action if it imposes sanctions on its energy exports, such as a ban on gas reaching Europe through the Nordstream 1 pipeline.

Novak insisted that “no one will win (…)” with mutual restrictions on gas, even if European politicians, by their claims and accusations, push us.

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