July 17, 2024

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The invention of changing cell phones, according to Bill Gates

The invention of changing cell phones, according to Bill Gates

The technological revolution is in full swing and promises to take conventional devices to another level. This time, The technology built into smartphones may be on the skin, which is now being tested on health.

They have been throughout history Various medical devices connected to the human body, the most popular pacemaker, which is now being carried to nanotechnology. These include glucose meters or “patches” in the body that send information such as real-time blood pressure from patients to their doctors and other types of behaviors.

Now, Companies have set their sights on an innovation that transforms relationships beyond technology and devices Wearable To Technology Dots Or electronic tattoosWorn on the skin And they have microprocessors – just like smart watches and other gadgets – that are built directly into the body.

This has already been mentioned Bill Gates, the president who created Microsoft, has expressed a desire to take technology to another level. Currently used to collect medical information, The millionaire wants to make it more sophisticated so he can use it as a smartphone.

With this, those who have This type of green, which is temporary and contains a special ink that integrates chips and technological advances, They can make real-time calls, receive messages, and share location.

These tattoos take at least a decade to develop effectively, but they are known to contain tiny sensors and trackers powered by a special ink capable of conducting electricity.

However, This technology, according to sources close to Gates, has nothing to do with the implementation of population control chips or the variation in the development of 5G technology. Since then the Chancellor has distanced himself on various occasions, especially since the onset of the corona virus epidemic, when he was linked to this kind of technological conspiracy through misinformation.

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Gates categorically rejected this “crazy” theory, saying he did not know where such a statement came from and that he and his base were there. They have no interest and enables 5G chips.

The Chancellor will touch on this topic in his May 3 release: How to prevent the next infectionThe book lists the lessons left by the corona virus infection and some tips to follow to keep the world afloat.

“I have outlined in the book not only the prevention of future epidemics, but also the concrete steps we can take. But we need to provide better health care for everyone in the world, “said Gates Infobe.

According to Bill Gates, the most sought after businesses of the future

Undoubtedly, Bill Gates has become a particular guru about the future of the world. For this reason, many who followed his life eagerly anticipate both his literary suggestions and his predictions (many times correct, including his latest prophecy about the corona virus).

This time the Chancellor wanted to expose what he considered to be the most needed industry and industries in the future or even more functional.

Recently, an interviewer from the United States asked Gates what is the best career everyone should study to get a secure job for the future.

The employer immediately responded that it was the most requested profession They will be involved in science, engineering and economics because he considers all of these professionals to be “agents of change for all companies”.

Science and Engineering

You do not need to program or write codeBut you have to understand what engineers do and what they can’t do, ”says Gates.

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Virtual assignments

Another prediction of the employer about the workplace Permanence of the virtual or remote model for work meetings. This was announced in a post on his personal blog.

He acknowledged the difficulties he experienced in 2021 and stressed that when he founded Microsoft, he never thought that computers would become the only connection with the world, as happened in isolated times.