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Portland’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings, Spring/Summer 2023

Portland’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings, Spring/Summer 2023

As we look forward to spring and its promise of beginnings, a bevy of new restaurants and bars cropping up during Portland’s rainy season will soon appear. Some of the city’s biggest rock stars are expanding their empires, like Thai expert Akapong Earl Niensum and his hit singles to Bangkok’s Chinatown, or the western expansion of Carlo’s Lamagna with its Filipino-style grilled meats. In Northeast and Southeast Portland, two new bars will add a touch of mystery and fun to the city’s still-recovering nightlife scene. And downtown, the lofty Ritz-Carlton will open its restaurant and food court, packed with Portland talent and the former chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Keeping in mind that the dates below are tentative and listings may shift, we’re excited for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 season. Is there a restaurant or bar opening in the next few months that we should know about? Get in touch with us via our advice line.

Haba pizza

At this farmer’s market turned restaurant, owners Aaron and Natalie Trung marry Neapolitan pizza-making techniques with Asian flavors, resulting in perfectly flaky pies in flavors like pho, tom yum, and Thai peanut sauce with lemon pork. Although longtime supporters of Hapa Pizza will still be able to enjoy made-to-order pizzas at the Beaverton Farmers Market’s point of origin, diners can watch the restaurant step up their game with the restaurant’s new brick oven.
Title: 12755 SW Broadway
Expected opening date: March 10th
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the stranger

Industry vets from the Lightning Bar Collective and Hey Love teamed up to open this bar that walks the line between talk and dive. Bartenders will stir chanterelle syrup into Sazeracs and shake martini with miso-infused vodka and sugar-pea-infused martinis. In the kitchen, Chef Tamara Hatter of the pop-up Ozuma Will symbolizes Middle Eastern flavors in pub food, resulting in spiced lamb burgers and chicken wings spiced with cumin and cardamom served with yogurt sauce and pairings.
Title: 3560 North Mississippi Blvd
Expected opening: Late March or early April
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Magna Cobo

At this casual sister spot to beloved Filipino restaurant Magna Kusina, Chef Carlo Lamagna will use a churrasco grill to emulate the style of grilled meats he grew up eating in the Philippines. The lechoneria menu will leave it up to diners to build their own meals, choosing sides like canton pancit or taro leaves cooked in coconut milk to eat with mains like lemongrass-marinated chicken, smoked brisket, or whole rainbow trout.
Title: 12406 SW Broadway Street
Expected opening: beginning of april
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double fermentation

Designed as a relaxed, laid-back spot where beer-drinking Portlanders can enjoy a low-ABV midday brew, Duality Brewing also serves brunch, lunch, and dinner in Kerns’ new warehouse space. Brewer Michael Lockwood, formerly a cook at high-profile restaurants Eem and Kachka, brings the chef’s take on beer to life, incorporating produce like Hood River apples and grapes from Oregon’s wine country. Loud popup astralwho previously partnered with Duality on last year’s summer pop-ups, will helm the new brewery’s menu, bringing alternating ceviches and tacos to the party.
Title: 715 Northeast Lawrence Street
Expected opening: late april
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Houston Blacklight

Not too far from Oma’s Hideaway, one of their Southeast Asian restaurants, Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly will open their new ’70s fantasy for a bar in their old Night Light space. The category is: comfort food, with fun menu items like French onion soup ramen and cocktails garnished with Jell-O shrimp. The in-development drink menu, a collaboration between Mariah Pisha-Duffly and beverage director Em Warden, currently includes oversized punches, liqueurs, and house liqueurs as starting points.
Title: 2100 SE Clinton Street
Expected opening: June
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Untitled Peter Cho and Sun Young Park project

The team behind nationally-famous Han Oak and downtown hit Toki’s is set to open another Korean restaurant in Southeast Portland, unlike any other in the city. The yet-to-be-named restaurant will source whole animals raised in the Pacific Northwest. Beef Pat N TamAnd Cattle Creek Lamb – Korean barbecue meat, seasoned and unseasoned meat grilled in a wood-burning oven or grilled over a restaurant stove. The restaurant’s banchan will source heavily from Oregon farms, too.
Title: 626 SE Main Street
Expected opening: June
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From the team behind Wajan Indonesian comes this snack bar and restaurant, which will explore the treasures found in the open markets of Indonesia. In the mornings, Pasar will serve jajanan, sweets and snacks such as dadar gulong, pandan crepe filled with coconut and palm sugar, or martabak daeng, a fried pancake with minced beef. In the evening, the menu will shift to Hokkien-style cooking, including noodle dishes such as bakmi and mie goreng.
Title: 3023 NE Alberta Street
Expected opening: spring
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The Ritz-Carlton Restaurant and Food Lounge

The building that houses Downtown Portland’s Ritz-Carlton will host two iconic dining destinations. The luxury hotel’s dining hall, complete with an attached cabinet, will be packed with Portland talent: Eater 38 stalwart Pereira La PlazaA long standing korean food cart Kim Jong Grillen, Breakout star popup Sunrise, among others. On the 20th floor, Chef Pedro Almeida – a Michelin star graduate Midori in Penha Longa Resort, Portugal – He will run an all-day restaurant with a tasting menu that includes Pacific Northwest seafood and mushrooms.
Title: 812 SW Washington Street
Expected opening: summer
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With a few successful restaurants under his belt, Akkapong Earl Ninsom has cemented himself as a legend in Thai cooking among Portland chefs. Inspired by its name and based on the main artery of Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown, Yaowarat will explore the Thai-Chinese genre of cuisine. On board are chef Sam Smith, longtime collaborator Eric Nelson, and a Thai chef whose resume includes three years in Beijing; The team’s recent research trip to Bangkok will directly inform the work-in-progress menu, but early recipe testing included dishes such as squid curry, sweet basil clams, and pottery prawns with glass noodles.
Title: to be announced later on
Expected opening: Late July or early August
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