May 23, 2024

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Piedad Córdoba was hospitalized in intensive care in Medellin

Piedad Córdoba was hospitalized in intensive care in Medellin
Piedad Cordoba, National
Honduran senator Beatot freed Cordoba after being held for undeclared dollars. Photo: EFE

Piedad Córdoba, the senator elected by the historic convention, was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Clinica del Rosario in Medellin for acute low blood pressure.

Clinic published by A liberation Confirming that the Member of Parliament has been hospitalized since Sunday 17th July.

This Monday he underwent tests to ascertain his condition.

Córdoba, 67, is having tense moments because of the legal situation he faces with the United States.

Colombia’s president-elect, Gustavo Pedro, asked the senator to “step aside” in late June.

In an interview with the newspaper change, reviewed By TimePedro spoke about the legal situation experienced by the senator of the historic treaty. Are you recommending not to acquire Betad? He was asked:

“Dispossession has judicial implications, and serious constitutional implications. I won’t talk about that. But Senator Pete Córdoba, because he has some kind of relationship with the justice system of the United States, has to be favorable to them, yes, has to have a compass because his political activities as a senator are a are affected by the impact. objective reality,” said Colombia’s president-elect.

And he added: “There is a relationship with foreign justice that I cannot qualify. So, even as a senator, he deserves to step aside.”

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