July 12, 2024

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Phillies Darrick Hall needs thumb surgery, and he’s going to waste a lot of time

Phillies Darrick Hall needs thumb surgery, and he’s going to waste a lot of time

Darrick Hall’s right thumb injury is serious enough that it requires surgery that will keep him out for a significant amount of time.

A severe blow for the 27-year-old, who was given the biggest opportunity of his career in a starting role with first baseman Reece Hoskins in the offseason with a ripped ACL.

“It’s going to be a bit,” he said before the Phillies’ home opener on Friday. “Tentative appointment is Wednesday for surgery. It seems like a simple procedure, they’re just going to patch it up and put an anchor in it. Then it’s going to be a very solid rehab because I can still do a lot of things, I can still use my leg, my left hand, take the globes. It’s okay.” It is only about restoring strength at this point.”

Hall injured his thumb sliding into second base attempting a two-run home run in Wednesday’s loss at Yankee Stadium. The decision to attempt to stretch a highly damaging single into a deep field could cost him twice as many months.

No official timeline has been set.

“It’s sad, but we play sports and things like that happen,” he said. “I don’t regret going to second base on that play. I hit a wet field twice, and I felt like I made the right play aggressively, and I ended up getting hurt. It’s like, well, it happens.

“I just hope and know we have a lot of good players and guys right behind you who are going to pick it up and keep the team going.”

Hall was a big springer, hitting . 316 with five homers and three doubles as he pushed to win the Phillies DH platoon left field. Hoskins then tore his ACL late in camp and made Hall a first baseman against the right-handed pitcher. Teams see the right-hander about 65 percent of the time, which put Hall close to normal.

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In his absence, Phillies Cody Clemens will start at first base against right-handers. Clemens, son of Roger, is a left-handed utility worker in his 27 season. 145 last year as a starter with four doubles and five homers in 127 games with the Tigers. Acquired by the Phillies along with Gregory Soto in January for Matt Ferling and Nick Mattoon.

Clemens scored eighth in the lineup Friday against Reds right-hander Hunter Green. Saturday’s lineup is going to look different with Nick Ludolow going down the mound. 137 with one extra base hit in Ludolo’s Big 20 major league hit. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Alec Baum starting at first base on Saturday with Josh Harrison at third base and Edmundo Sosa at center field.

Philez Sosa was used at center for the first time Wednesday after playing center throughout spring training. They did this because they hit Christian Patch with Harrison and needed someone else to finish the game at center. Patch had already proven to be an offensively ineffective option, to the point of not finishing any of the games he started. In a perfectly healthy Phillies lineup, they could probably get away with using it in the ninth, but it’s much more difficult when you’re tinkering with several other spots. Although Pache’s Phillies career is only a week old, it’s already fair to wonder about other options like Dalton Guthrie and Scott Kingery.

As for Hall, he’s grateful he won’t have to sit after surgery while he prepares for his return.

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“Even after surgery, once the stitches are closed, you’re right back to lifting globes and things with one hand,” he said. “Luckily, I’m not going to atrophy so badly. It’s just about rebuilding and getting the cast.”

Hall’s absence will prompt Bryson Stott to join the line-up to help split the right and left. Stott, one of the Phillies’ best offensive performers so far this season, scored his fifth on Friday.