April 15, 2024

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Philips has combined an LCD screen with a cool browsing E-Ink tablet

Philips has combined an LCD screen with a cool browsing E-Ink tablet

We’ve heard about the benefits of time-reflecting electronic paper displays Again, why no E Ink screens for those who spend all their time at the computer reading, writing, or analyzing numbers? The answer is that there The computer displays E Inkbut it does come with a lot of trade-offs. New Philips The solution is a split screen that puts on a black and white E Ink panel And a full color LCD screen on your desk.

Electronic paper displays are very easy on the eyes because they basically work the same way as the printed page. Instead of light being emitted directly into the user’s eyes from a glowing panel, the technology relies on light reflected from another source. wThe electronic paper display contains a file Matte finish on the surfaceAnd The light weakens more before it hits the eye.

Screens used for e-readers have other benefits as well, including no flicker, but limited refresh rates, blurring, lower resolutions, and With a very limited paletteHowever, electronic paper still can’t compete with LCD or OLED screens when it comes to the myriad other tasks we use computers for – everything from watching movies to browsing the web.

Monitors Philips 24B1D5600

Rather than trying to push the performance of electronic paper displays to compete with an LCD panel, Philips just acknowledges the pros and cons of each technology with its 24B1D5600, which pairs a 23.8-inch LCD alongside a 13.3-inch E Ink display. beside him.

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Most of your daily computing tasks will be handled by the LCD screen, Which has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 75 Hz, and the ability to reproduce 16.7 million colors. But if you find yourself having to read a long document or a text-heavy Web site, the 150 PPI, 1,200 x 1,600 E Ink panel right next to it could step in. When your eyes need a break. It’s like having an e-paper tablet attached to the side of the screen. IIt can be tilted inward up to 45 degrees to find the perfect viewing angle, and it has its own screen lighting including color temperature adjustments for those trying to reduce their exposure to blue light at night.

The LCD and E Ink panels will require their own separate connection to your computer and a power source, but are compatible with Windows and macOS computers, So you can spread your desktop across the two. For Windows devices, Philips also offers the SmartRemote app It is claimed to facilitate higher-quality viewing of text document files on the E Ink panel, including on-screen buttons for zooming and panning when the document does not fit on the screen. However, when using this application, only documents and It is not actively edited.

While it’s available in markets like China for around $850, the Philips 24B1D5600 doesn’t appear to have made it to North America yet, so those interested in importing one will have to do so. Through stores such as Good e-ReaderAnd that It’s currently asking for an exorbitant $1,600 to set up, plus an extra $100 in shipping.

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