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One day abandoned dog internationally recognized for saving more than 100 colas in a fire in Australia


1 November 2021 18:43 GMT

The bear, the decorated Australian ‘mercenary’, played a key role in the search and rescue of fire-injured or displaced marsupials.

A six-year-old Australian ‘mercenary’ dog who was abandoned one day for ‘behavioral problems’ has recently been honored with the ‘Animal Action’ award by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. More than 100 colas He helped recover during a wildfire in Australia between 2019 and 2020. He pointed out In a statement to the organization.

According to Australian media reports, Beer was stationed in fire-ravaged areas in the states of New South Wales and Queensland, where he was instrumental in finding and retrieving marsupials thanks to his powerful sense of smell. Displaced by injury or fire.

“The bear can recognize the smell of cola’s fur, and if he sees one in a tree, it falls to the ground at the base without disturbing it. […] We believe he deserves this award because he is so adept at helping us find and recover many colas, many of whom have been treated for burns, malnutrition or dehydration. Explained Roman Christescu, dog guardian.

According to what happened, the animal was abandoned by its former owners because they were not ready to take responsibility for a species characterized by its “packed energy and frantic enthusiasm for the game”. However, he was fortunately rescued and transferred to the Safety Dog Training Center at Sunshine Coast University, where he has done an amazing job.

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