February 2, 2023

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The plane, approved and used by Maduro, landed in Santiago de Chile

The United States will not invite the Maduro government to the summit where Colombia is allowed to fly to the United States
Yuri Cortes / AFP

On Wednesday, an approved Venezuelan plane used by Nicolas Maduro on a tour of Eurasia and Africa landed at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile, the Chile News Portal reported. Bookcase.

According to the note, this is an Airbus A340-642 from Caracas. The aircraft was transferred to Konviasa on March 15 this year by the Iranian airline Mahan Air. Both companies are approved by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The landing comes amid a corruption scandal in which a Venezuelan-Iranian plane has been detained in Argentina for alleged links to terrorism.

Tuesday, the Finance According to Argentina’s Cecilia Incardona, the investigation so far has uncovered a number of clues that could “trigger” the need for the pilot of the plane, Kolamresa Casemi, and all of his crew to continue the investigation. , The aircraft and its load.

The flight arrived in Argentina from Mexico on June 6, after a stop in Venezuela, went to Ezeiza Airport on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, but had to make an early stop at Argentina Airport in Crdoba for weather reasons.

On June 8, he left Ezekiel to go to Uruguay to refuel, but landed again at the main Argentine airport as his neighbor did not allow him to land.

The aircraft is owned by the Iranian company Mahan Air and is currently owned by Conviasa’s subsidiary Etrasur.

According to the lawyer, it remains to be seen whether the real purpose of the plane’s arrival in Argentina was to carry spare parts and parts for the vehicles, or whether it was ultimately intended as a “product or operation to deliver goods”. Used for terrorist activity.

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