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NBA Finals Odds, Game 1, Anthology: Warriors vs Celtics Expert Predictions

NBA Finals Odds, Game 1, Anthology: Warriors vs Celtics Expert Predictions

Follow our live coverage of Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Golden State I waited a week since I knocked DallasAnd the Boston Just a few days after winning Game 7 in Miami. Will the extra rest help the Warriors become fresher, or will it cause some early rust?

BetMGM took the Golden State by 3.5 points over the Celtics in Game 1, and all of our experts chose the Warriors to win the NBA The opening game of the Finals Thursday night at Chase Center.

It is also preferred that the Warriors win the series. How will you play this match?

What time is Warriors vs.Celtics Game 1?

time: Thursday, 9 p.m. (Eastern time)

Channel: ABC (streaming on ESPN app)

During the NBA playoffs, the athleteTheir writers will make their own direct choices. You’ll find selections, coverage, and the latest possibilities here. Our in-depth coverage of the NBA is linked below to the selections. To get live NBA odds from BetMGM, click here.

NBA Finals schedule

Game 1: Celtics at Warriors | Thursday 2 June | 9 p.m. Eastern time

Game 2: Celtics at Warriors | Sunday 5 June | 8 p.m. Eastern time

The third game: Warriors in the Celtics | Wednesday, June 8 | 9 p.m. Eastern time

Fourth game: Warriors in the Celtics | Friday 10 June | 9 p.m. Eastern time

5* game: Celtics at Warriors | Monday 13th June | 9 p.m. Eastern time

6* game: Warriors in the Celtics | Thursday 16 June | 9 p.m. Eastern time

Game 7 *: Celtics at Warriors | Sunday 19 June | 8 p.m. Eastern time

What are the odds of a game of Warriors vs Celtics 1?

Preview for Warriors vs. Celtics Game 1

Unstoppable force, satisfying fixed things. Golden State, the vanguard of the current NBA era of high-flying, free-shooting, running and fun, will meet the Celtics, a throwback to the tough, elbow-sharp, tough and compassionate Eastern eras. past conferences. They will decide the address. Let’s get busy.

Except, HushHere’s a secret: The Warriors are the second best defensive team in the league this season, just half a point behind Boston in the defensive rankings. with Draymond Green, Golden State can close its half of its playing field with the best. The Celtics’ attack was more effective than Golden State this season. behind Jason Tatumit was better by more than a full point by rating.

Usually before the finals, we wonder which team will determine the style most effectively. If a team forces a game into their hands, they usually win. In that case, do we even know what kind of game each of these teams prefers?

On paper, the Celtics have a huge advantage in size, with a strong front yard full of players that appears as wide as they are tall. And this kind of team traditionally wants to hit the paint. Warriors, on paper, can shoot all three, and this type of team usually wants to spread the field and attract the big ones.

But Boston over the past two series have reduced their lineup to a seven-deep turnover, and they’re already battling against declining resurgence in injuries. The warriors found themselves in some trouble when the power-deficient Mavericks found a way to shoot them from the depths. Maybe the paper is worthless.

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History says the Warriors, winners of three titles since 2015, outsmart the rookie Celtics. They’ve made it to the finals in six of the past eight seasons for a reason. But the Celtics are no slouch. They’ve been solidified on a more challenging track with the East Qualifiers.

Golden State has an advantage. But something we can’t see yet – some twists of fate, a bit of kismet beyond science – will decide this series.

Expert Choices for Warriors vs Celtics Showdown and Predictions for Game 1

clerk straight choice

Andrew Schlicht

Jason Jones

Richard Deitch

Michael Beller

Dave Dufour

James Edwards III

or moyal

Sam Vicini

cole hoof

Mike Vokonov

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