April 2, 2023

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Hudson and Arenado end frustration in Cardinals’ 5-2 win over San Diego | St. Louis Cardinals

Hudson and Arenado end frustration in Cardinals' 5-2 win over San Diego |  St. Louis Cardinals

Dakota Hudson was waiting for the day he would still be playing in the seventh inning for the Cardinals. He hadn’t even passed five in his previous four starts.

Nolan Arenado was waiting for the day he would hit something besides the single. In five games recently, he hasn’t even had that, and he hasn’t gone for anything for 17 years.

But Hudson, whose first-half catch of quarterback Harrison Bader saved Grettin, retired 18 straight men before the San Diego Padres got two singles goals in the seventh inning. Hudson finished the seventh inning, allowing only four hits for the game and most importantly only one walk.

He finished seventh ahead because Arenado, National League Player of the Month for April but certainly not for May, shocked his first player in two weeks. He left the Arenado’s two-stroke streak in sixth place after a song from Paul Goldschmidt, who would almost certainly be Player of the Month for May, and Arenado’s RBI Single in the eighth round that made the difference to the Cardinals’ 5-2 victory Wednesday at Busch Stadium.

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“The first half looked a little scary,” said Arenado. “But, in about the blink of an eye, (Hudson) was going seven rounds.”

The Cardinals recorded their first home win and concluded a nine-game showdown at home against contenders Toronto, Milwaukee and San Diego with a 6-3 record and reached the 50-game mark at 29-21, their best mark of the game. season. “It shows who we are,” said Arenado. “We feel like we play baseball well. But we feel we can play better.”

The Cardinals have won 59% of their matches with Padres in their history.

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After an eventful, 28-pitch first, Hudson self-corrected, putting everyone down before Jake Cronworth singled out a one-hit for seventh. Austin Nolan made one loop to the right with two holdouts, bringing shooting coach Mike Maddow to the hill.

Trent Gresham was to be Hudson’s last hitter. After Grisham drilled a long foul at the right, he made the third hit as Hudson made all three hits in the seventh inning.

“He stepped up and gave us exactly what we needed today,” said coach Oliver Marmol.

Hudson (4-2) said, “Harry (Badr) makes a great play. I go back there and make some adjustments. I think a little is better.”

The 27-year-old right-hander said he spoke to himself after the first half. “I said sitting there thinking to myself, ‘I can keep throwing the way I’ve been throwing in the past and I’ll be out after three. Or I can settle down (and) force some connection. It might not look pretty but I’ll make it happen,” he said.

When he walked off the field after five—and was still in the game—he said, “Wow! It’s been a long time.”

Catcher Andrew Kneisner, who took foul tips to the left side of his chin – under his mask – and forehead, was tenacious enough to dissect Padres’ offensive strategy, which played into Hudson’s hand. “I get really touched when I get hit in the face,” Kneisner said. “I’m like Rocky Balboa.”

Of Padres’ approach, he said, “We’ve played with our strengths – which happens to be kind of a weakness for that team. Their entire squad is first-court swingers. (Hudson) hit the pitches early on. And fast-outs. It’s a matter of confidence in his own performances.” “This is disgusting. This is disgusting. I can throw that for strikes. Hit it. Put it in play. I challenge you.”

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Hudson said, “I felt like I was in the zone with everything.” He’s 15-3 in his career at Busch Stadium.

Goldschmidt, who pushed his base streak to 37 games with a picnic in the first, tied for the second time in the fourth. He once again showed how good his primary runner was, going from first to third on Arenado’s first three hits, one to the left. This play was staged by Juan Ypez, who was struck twice.

“It’s no small play,” said Marmol. “(Goldschmidt) does that a lot. You watch how he does it — hits the sack with his right foot, stays at the base line, not a wide turn, and sticks the slip in third.”

Goldschmidt credited Arizona coach Dave McKay, longtime base coach for the Cardinals, Arizona coach Eric Young Sr., and Diamondbacks league coordinator Joel Youngblood.

“Operating the base was a priority,” Goldschmidt said. “You can’t just hit or play defense. If you can’t run the rules, they were on you and they made sure you did it the right way.”

Yu Darvish almost matched Hudson but couldn’t take out Goldschmidt when he needed to. The Cardinals’ designated hitter made it to base for the third consecutive time in the sixth when he picked the left of the center with one exit. This pushed his hitting streak to 23 games.

Arenado then broke the tie with the 11th homeowner to stop a fast ball at 94 mph. Arenado, who has 30 players against San Diego in his career — most of whom are active players — hasn’t attended since May 18 in New York. It hit .196 in May after hitting 375 in April.

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“It’s June. It’s a new month for him,” Marmol said.

May ended up doing fine for him on Tuesday, with Arenado winning a hard-hit to finish none for 17.” “I said, ‘Oh, man, that wasn’t a good swing,’” Arenado said. “But I was a little lucky.”

However, the carryover had a strong hit later in the match and three more hits on Wednesday.

Marmol—and just about everyone else—is waiting for Arenado and Goldschmidt to thrive together. “It’s only a matter of time,” Marmol said.

Arenado said, “I wish it would. I feel like in the last two years, it hasn’t. When I play well, I feel like he doesn’t swing. When he swings, I’m not. It was great hitting back-to-back days. I feel like we never do that.” .

Goldschmidt also said, “I’m still waiting for that to happen.”

“I’ve been beating myself up a little bit,” Arenado said last month. “Yeah, it’s been a tough month. But we have a lot of season left.”

Goldschmidt hit .404 for the month with 10 homers. “He’s in a zone,” Arenado said. “I don’t know if you’ve ever been involved in something like this before.”

For the record, in just three of the eight months that the two played together, they both passed 0.267. It happened in May and July of last year and in April of this year, when Goldschmidt hit 0.282 – but with only one Homer.