June 25, 2024

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NBA Finals Game 3: Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics – Live Streaming! | The NBA Finals

Warriors 34-49 Celtics, 7:03, second quarter

It looks like all Warriors attack will be on the free throw line this quarter. Wiggins gets on the streak, and hits one of two. And there’s a spin… Smart carelessly throws the ball and lets Wiggins dunk. This would be cruel if…

Well, if the Celtics don’t continue to make up for these mistakes: Tatum hits his first three pointers in the game.

Warriors 31-46 Celtics, 8:12, second quarter

Tatum is rightly summoned for a shooting foul, which is the first, but the crowd disagrees and joins in an uncolored hymn of resentment. Wiggins hits both of his free throws. Rob Williams scores again, just below the basket, and appears to be in better health.

Warriors 29-44 Celtics, 8:48, second quarter

Robert Williams has been called into action on what appears to be a rather clean block. So it goes. Thompson, of course, is Alli today so he hits his two free throws. You’d think this was going to be a swinging moment, but then again the Celtics didn’t give them a quarter. Derek White with layup.

Warriors 27-42 Celtics, 9:26, second quarter

Grant Williams is fouled with Greene. I’ve seen this show before. Thompson scores again: That’s four in a row. However, Boston continues to answer every punch to the Warriors. In this case Payton Pritchard, is in the game and hits a triple pointer.

Warriors 25-39 Celtics, 9:51, second quarter

The Celtics crowd cheered Greene’s first foul of the evening. I expected it too much. Tatum misses three but the Celtics secure the rebound. The chances of a second chance are big: Williams is taking advantage of this opportunity with another result.

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However, it looks like Thompson will be heating up again after a rough start to the series. It knocks a triple pointer, but on the other end, Williams dunks Robert all over the Golden State.

Warriors 22-35 Celtics, 11:37, second quarter

Grant Williams plays the match and immediately scores to start the second goal for the Celtics.

Tweet embed Reply: “Good shot, don’t be cocky” Surely you’d be slightly shocked if Ime Udoka quotes Star Wars on his players, no matter how appropriate the quote is?

– Homelessness attorney (@Roscommon_Cat) June 9, 2022

It is illegal not to cite “Star Wars” in any possible situation in 21st century America. We are all required to know this.

Warriors 22-33 Celtics, end of first quarter

The Celtics swarmed a looney to stop him from scoring but this defense is nothing thanks to Klay Thompson hitting a triple pointer. However, Brown answers him with one of his own. That’s 17 points in the first quarter for Brown. White picks up his second foul with only 6.3 left in the first quarter. Thompson hits both of his free throws to make it a slightly choppy finish for what was an almost perfect quarter. Their lead is 11 points and it looks like it will be more against your regular team.

Warriors are not average. It will be a long game.

Warriors 17-30 Celtics, 1:46, first quarter

White rushes to foul Gary Payton II to easily block the throw. It’s a great effort, but Payton still made his two free throws.

Warriors 15-30 Celtics, 2:00, first quarter

Paul is called to make a mistake. Smart gets on the line, hitting each of his freebies this time around. Curry scores here right away.

Then he hits Smart Brown for a dunk: That’s 14 points for him and the Warriors mini race probably won’t come.

Warriors 13-26 Celtics, 3:48, first quarter

Chromatic dipping out time limit. Exactly what you want to see as a head coach. In addition, there is a Jordan Bowl in the game. I wouldn’t be shocked to run Mini Warriors here.

I don’t know, I feel like these games don’t start until the third quarter.

Wait, wait, that doesn’t mean stop reading! This means keep reading this to the end. I want to assure that whatever I do you should always take care of me.

Warriors 11-26 Celtics, 3:48, first quarter

White makes a layup. Steph Curry hits a jump to try to get the Warriors to go but Horford – often unseen on Sundays – is sinking and this will force the Warriors to take a break.

Warriors 9-22 Celtics, 4:26, first quarter

Marcus Smart is on the line with two free throws and… both misses. It was probably the only thing that went wrong for them so far this quarter. Wiggins can’t connect to the Warriors but Horford can connect to the other party.

And there’s a Golden State spin but Draymond Green pops up and sticks to the cleanest block you’ll ever see. Boston maintains possession despite Brown’s scores.

Jaylyn Brown
Celtics goalkeeper Jaylen Brown (7) leads the basket against Warriors striker Draymond Green (23) during the first quarter. Photo: Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

Avoid the Celtics inversion early. They need to stress that, I think. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a good start, don’t be conceited by Odoka.

Warriors 9-18 Celtics, 5:44, first quarter

Wiggins slips through the Celtics defense to score a lay-up. What a second chapter in his career! However, Brown floats one, he already has 10 points.

Curry picks up his second mistake in the middle of the first quarter. This is also something to watch. The Celtics take a timeout.

Warriors 7-16 Celtics, 6:51, first quarter

Warriors who get some good looks don’t hit them early. something to watch. Wiggins, with a very clear attacking foul, turned the ball around but the Celtics handed it over early on the next possession. Tatum loses control but manages to hold the ball.

Brown gets free throws after being fouled by Gary Payton II for Kevin Looney. Brown does his free throw.

Warriors 7-14 Celtics, 7:55, first quarter

Tatum answers, however, by hitting the basket to regain an eight-point lead. Derek White early to replace Williams and Carey immediately hits three. Marcus Smart spreads another basket in paint. The Celtics feel it early on.

Warriors 2-10 Celtics, 10:03, first quarter

Horford triple pointer. Brown with three pointers! I’ve never heard The Garden that loud early in the game. That’s 10-0.

Warriors 2-4 Celtics, 11:03, first quarter

Brown answers with a triple pointer and then Jason Tatum gets fouled and it looks like his arm isn’t here. On the line, Tatum makes one of two free throws.

opening tip

Warriors 2-0 Celtics, 11:27, first quarter

Green gets booed during the introductions. Warriors win tips. We have basketball. Kevin Looney scores first.

This may, in fact, be the entirety of the game.

National anthem

Michelle Brooks Thompson sings. There is nothing wrong. San Francisco had more fun with “The Star Spangled Banner.” 6/10

Michelle Brooks Thompson
Michelle Brooks Thompson sings the national anthem before game three. Photo: Steven Senne/AP

First TD Garden Final since 2010. Earlier today, there was a major fraud alert, so there’s a good chance that everyone who thought they had tickets won’t participate.

Boston Celtics squad

Jason Tatum, J/V

Marcus Smart, J

Jaylene Brown, P/J

Robert Williams, C

Alhorford, p

Something cool about having Boston in NBA Finals: They’re saddled with Gang Starr in these preliminary montages. (RIP Guru, Boston Legend)

The Golden State Warriors starting line-up

Steve Curry, J

Clay Thompson, J/P

Draymond Green, C/V

Kevin Looney, C/V

Andrew Wiggins, P

Stephen A. Smith says that Draymond Green knows that these referees will be biased against him and that he will not be able to participate in, let’s say, as in Game 2.

Probably not wrong! Also, wow is this Boston crowd about to rain rage on him.

Derek White

I’m biased, but I still tell the unexpected story of Derek White’s unusual path to the NBA and the complicated road to the NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics. worth reading. We’ve got some time here, especially since the opening tip always seems a vague point in time.

(No, I don’t know why the games are still going on at 9PM EST even though we’re no longer in the West Coast.)


I? I’ve seen this pattern enough: The Celtics are humiliated after stumbling in a winnable match that turns into an embarrassing loss through their neglect, pull it together and score a massive victory. They haven’t lost twice yet – as mentioned earlier – and I see that continuing here. That might be a relatively stress-free win, think two out of number four though the live commentator in me is hoping I don’t get a two-game set early.

your thoughts? Once again, I would like to remind everyone that they can email their forecast to [email protected] or send it to Twitter Tweet embed And we’ll include them throughout this live blog. Unless this is the case, in the middle of the fourth quarter. This is just cheating, right?

injury report

For what it’s worth, Andre Iguodala is available to play tonight for Golden State Warriors. I didn’t really feel like they needed it in Game 2.

Robert Williams is also good to go to Boston Celtics, but hopefully it looks better than it did on Sunday when it gets sloppy to the point of hurting the team. When he’s healthy, it’s obvious (especially for the other team).

Scott Foster

For all those who were hoping we wouldn’t get a reference show this time around after the Game 2 bullshit? Sorry, Scott Foster is here as part of the NBA crew.

If you want to know if you are not a highly respected admin, just consider that all the betting sites immediately noticed this and sent me a whole bunch of emails about how this affected the game. Celtics 3-1 in the games Foster managed this year, it deserves.

Draymond Green

The defining moment in Game 2? Well, there was a moment during an on-court showdown between Draymond Green of the Warriors and Jaylen Brown of the Celtics where officials could have (and arguably should have) been called in for double technical fouls. However, doing so would mean Green, Golden State’s defensive engine, would have to be fired after picking up a technique early in the game.

Knowing that this was difficult in the middle of a playoff game, they decided not to contact them. Green stayed in the game and his defensive energy – not to mention frustration on the part of the Celtics because he was still in the game – was a major cause of Boston’s downfall.

Like it or not, the rules changed in the playoffs and the Celtics knew it. It’s hard for them to get angry about that, especially since the match was an absolute loss in the end. Like Justin Quinn from Celtics Wire Really: “Boston has allowed themselves to be bothered by such antics that, through thick and thin, a feature of the modern game rather than a fault, as many as 18 turns, is the reason they lose the game.”

Context: Boston teams have a history, some (but not all) of which is apocryphal, of not fully playing in varying periods.


we will, That was more predictable From Thursday’s game 1. The Boston Celtics aren’t very good at playing from the front. So after a major victory over the Golden State Warriors in the previous game, the Celtics decided to re-collapse in the third quarter while avoiding a rematch in the fourth. So, yes, it was such a heavy loss for Boston, that Celtics head coach Aim Odoka got off to a good start before the last squeak.

It shouldn’t be shocking considering their opponents: their chances of getting both games on the way to start 2022 NBA Finals against the Warriors were always slim. The Warriors tied the NBA Finals 1-1 and secured what we all expected: This was going to be a long streak. I don’t see any of the two teams winning three in a row against each other.

Keep in mind that the Celtics haven’t lost two games in a row throughout the post-season. Those stats are usually fine in the back pocket, but Boston can’t be satisfied. I remember a message from “Scream 3”, all bets are off on Part Three of the series.

While we’re all watching, you can write to us and post your thoughts about Finals Game 3 here for all to see. If you prefer to use email, send them to [email protected] or you can send them on Twitter Tweet embed It is the third game of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. The opening tip is set to 9:00PM EST, but we’ll be back well before that with news, predictions and random thoughts.

Hunter will be here soon. In the meantime Here is a look back In Golden State’s Game 2, he won.