July 18, 2024

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Mossad and CIA chiefs meet to demand ceasefire in Gaza – DW – 03/09/2024

Mossad and CIA chiefs meet to demand ceasefire in Gaza – DW – 03/09/2024

The president Mossad (Israeli foreign intelligence agency)David Barnia and CIA Director Bill Burns met on Friday as part of an effort to press for a deal. A cease-fire in Gaza and the exchange of hostages captured in Gaza for Palestinian prisoners, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office announced this Saturday (03/09/2024).

The mediators – Qatar, Egypt and the United States – have been working for weeks to reach an agreement before Ramadan, which begins on Sunday or Monday (depending on the lunar calendar), but talks have stalled over Israel's intransigent demands. and Hamas. The latter demands a commitment to end hostilities and withdraw Israeli troops, which Israel resists and accepts only temporary fighting and demands a live hostage list, which the Islamist group has yet to provide.

The Israeli report did not detail where Barnea and Burns met. “At this point, Hamas maintains its position as someone who is not interested in the agreement and seeks to burn the area during Ramadan, at the expense of the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip,” the text released today added.

“Most Dangerous Places”

Representatives of the mediating countries and, ultimately, Hamas, will meet again on Sunday in Cairo to try to speed up a deal. According to media reports, the aim is to reach a ceasefire for a few days while they hammer out details for a deal that would allow for a prisoner exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The draft agreement contemplates a six-week ceasefire and the exchange of 40 hostages for about 400 Palestinian prisoners.

“It will be emphasized that communication and cooperation with intermediaries will continue at all times to bridge gaps and improve agreements,” Israel said. However, the country did not send a delegation to these latest talks in Cairo and Hamas abandoned the talks after expressing frustration with Israel's positions.

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In recent years, the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem has been the scene of violence during Ramadan. On Friday, Hamas' armed wing urged its supporters to rally toward the mosque compound, prompting US President Joe Biden to warn that “Israel and Jerusalem could be at it” if a ceasefire is not reached before Ramadan. [lugares] Very, very dangerous.”