June 25, 2024

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More than 100 people in Miami-Dade have a deadline to relocate or face forced eviction.

More than 100 people in Miami-Dade have a deadline to relocate or face forced eviction.

Residents of a Palm Lakes mobile home park are demanding a halt to an eviction order scheduled for July 22. Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park

More than 100 people, including retirees and families with young children, received immediate eviction notices from Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park, a community in northwest Miami-Dade, Florida, where they had lived quietly with their mobile homes until now. The dispute arises after the request of the property owner that the residents voluntarily move out before July 22 so that justice does not have to intervene in the dispute.

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The argument in this case states that living on the property changes the natural composition of the soil in the mobile home park. The petitioners also alleged that they were unable to provide basic essential services like garbage collection and adequate drinking water supply.

Obviously, the goal is to sell the property and redevelop it with new units, rather than keep its current residents. The decision puts 122 mobile homes at risk, whose owners now face the uncertainty of finding a new place to live.

According to the Cuba Herald, residents received notices that the evacuation was a result of fire safety regulations and problems with the sewer connection. In turn, the owner would have paid $1,500 in compensation to each resident.

Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park Residents Protest

On June 4, dozens of families gathered at the gates of a Miami-Dade mobile home park to demand a halt to the planned July 22 eviction. Carrying placards and banners reading “Here we are, we will not leave”, they held a press conference in which they elaborated on the situation they were experiencing.

Milka Jimenez was one of the victims of this operation. The woman lives in Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park and considers it her home and community. “It’s not fair to live here all these years paying rent and now we all have to move out,” he told CBS News. In addition, the neighbor explained that they had tried to call the owner several times on the phone, but were unable to because they had received an eviction notice.

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