July 24, 2024

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Florida offers this full-time job for Spanish speakers and animal lovers

Florida offers this full-time job for Spanish speakers and animal lovers

In FloridaLike the rest of the United States, the Hispanic community continues to grow, and with it the demand for Spanish-speaking professionals. Who is that Looking for job in this place And to work in an environment that values ​​their talent Spanish language, there is a job opportunity they cannot pass up. Also, if you love animals, this opportunity is perfect for you.

Known for its diversity and vibrant culture, the city is looking for candidates bilingual To a level that combines a love of animals and the ability to communicate in Spanish. If you already reside Florida Or you’re planning to move soon, and this could be the job opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Below, we tell you all the details of this fascinating project.

Employment in Florida.

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Martin Mena

Professional Pet Groomer, wanted position in Florida

Portal In fact Gives a vacancy Happy Tails Pets Spalocated Broward Estates, Florida. This company specializes in dog grooming and grooming and offers priority service Pet welfare.

At Happy Tails Pets Spa, the mission is to provide a grooming experience that transcends aesthetics, focusing on the health and happiness of each dog.

With a firm commitment to excellence, The company has a team of expert hair stylists People who share a genuine passion for creating a safe and comfortable environment for pets. According to the portal, at Happy Tails Pets Spa, Each dog is treated with the utmost care and professionalismThey ensure a great look and feel. If you are an animal lover and looking for a job in Florida Where you can use your Spanish language skills, this opportunity is perfect for you.

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Leonardo Schwarz

Job responsibilities

  • Perform grooming services for dogs including bathing, brushing, and nail trimming.
  • Handle and control animals gently and compassionately.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of animals during the grooming process.
  • Travel to and from client locations for mobile grooming services.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of hairdressing tools and equipment.
  • Comply with hairdressing standards and techniques.

Position requirements

  • Proven experience as a dog breeder.
  • Ability to handle different types of dogs.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Available Tuesday to Saturday, excluding holidays.
  • Two five-day weeks and two six-day weeks Flexibility to work occasionally.
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently.
  • Interested in working with animals.
  • Fluency in Spanish.
  • Knowledge of English at intermediate level.

Concessions will be offered

  • Necessary tools and materials will be provided.
  • Competitive salary, approx $700+ per week.
  • Tips received will go to the hairdresser.
  • Opportunities for growth and career development.
  • A healthy and positive work environment.
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