June 20, 2024

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Marcelo Becky, special counsel for drug trafficking in Paraguay, was killed in Colombia.

Marcelo Becky, special counsel for drug trafficking in Paraguay, was killed in Colombia.

(CNN Spanish) –– Colombia police say on Tuesday that Marcelo Becci, a lawyer for the Paraguayan Anti-Drug Trafficking Unit, was murdered in Colombia. Baru Island, south of Cartagena. Officials from Paraguay and the United States are also expected to take part in the investigation.

While the lawyer was on the beach with his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera, two men descended from a jet ski and shot him, Paraguayan Interior Minister Federico Gonzalez told CNN.

González confirmed to CNN that Becky’s wife had witnessed the event but was in good condition and was being cared for by members of the Paraguayan embassy in Colombia. The motive for the crime is not yet known, but the investigation is ongoing, the Paraguayan minister said.

For its part, the Decamaron Hotel chain where the couple was staying confirmed in a statement that some singers had arrived on jet skis and shot Peggy. The hotel chain denied the allegations and said he was not injured, although one of its bodyguards was present during the shooting. They also said they would co-operate with authorities to investigate the incident.

The President of Paraguay Mario Apto Benitez regretted the news. “The cowardly murder of lawyer Marcelo Becci in Colombia mourns the entire Paraguayan nation. We strongly condemn this tragic event and redouble our commitment to the fight against organized crime. Our sincere condolences to their families.” The president said on his Twitter account.

Following that, Colombian President Ivan Duke, He sent a message Rejection of Pechi’s assassination: “We reject the assassination of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becky in Cartagena. I express my condolences to President arMaritoAbdo and acknowledge all cooperation in finding those responsible.”

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For its part, the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Administration and the State Attorney General issued a statement strongly condemning Attorney Becky’s brutal attack that claimed his life. “We deeply regret the loss of our colleague and extend our condolences to his wife, family and friends,” the statement said.

From the Attorney General’s Office “measures have been taken to provide restraint and assistance to our partner’s wife, and liaison has been established with local authorities to assist in everything necessary for her safety. And family.”

Sanie López Garelli and Fernando Ramos from CNN en Español collaborated with this report