December 2, 2023

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Clan del Golfo, Colombia’s largest criminal group, deported Ottoniel and what power he maintains after the armed strike

  • Daniel Brown *
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

Image source, Raul Arpoleda

“This coup marks the end of the Clan del Golfo,” said Colombian President Evan Duc on the day of the arrest of the leader of the criminal organization, Tairo Antonio Usuka.

In the same speech, in October 2021, the Duke announced that he would negotiate the deportation to the United States of the man who had led the country’s largest illegal organization until then: Ottoniel, a former guerrilla, paramilitary and drug trafficker. He belonged to a powerful family involved in illegal activities in the northwestern part of the country.

After numerous demands against deportation and in support of his version being heard in Colombia, Otoniel finally flew to the United States last week under the supervision of the Duke, who followed the direct transfer via video call.

But when the authorities celebrate the “victory of justice over impunity” they are also called members of the clan Colombian Guidanist Defense Forces (AGC), Were preparing to shut down half the country. This is in the middle of the presidential election campaign.