June 7, 2023

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Manuel Páez Terán: Who is Tortuquita, a 26-year-old Venezuelan who was shot 57 times by police in Atlanta, USA, while protecting forests? the world

Venezuelan Manuel Páez Terran, 26, died Jan. 18 of 57 bullets while participating in a protest against the construction of a police training megacenter in a jungle in Atlanta. AmericaA third official autopsy was released last week on Thursday.

“We are devastated to learn that our son, our sweet Manny, was brutally shot dead by the police and sustained 57 gunshot wounds throughout his body.” said Belgis TeranMother of Manuel Baez Teran, step . “While the post-mortem report provides additional information, it does not answer the questions the family still has,” he added.

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It should be noted that the first official autopsy revealed that the young man had 13 bullets in his body.

The A third autopsy Joins the previous independent appointed by the family and indicated in February Manuel Pace Teran He was shot when he raised his hands.

Fiona Pace holds a photo of Manuel Teron Pace, an environmental activist who was killed by Atlanta police. (Photo: CHENEY ORR / AFP).

According to CNN, the A second autopsy He noted that the victim was on the ground, his back straight and his arms raised as he died in his arms Georgia State Police.

“Manuel was looking death in the face with his hands up as they killed him.” Civil rights attorney Brian Spears said in February, citing the findings Postmortem. “The second autopsy is a snapshot of what happened, but it’s not the whole story. What we want is simple: for the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) to meet with the family and release their investigative report,” he added.

A second autopsy also reveals that, according to law firm Spears and Filipowitz Páez Terán had bullet exit wounds on both palms of his hands.

Manuel Páez Teron was an environmentalist.

Who is Manuel Pace Teron and what happened on January 18

Manuel Pace TeranWho did they call? Small turtlewas part of a group of environmentalists protesting against the construction of the so-called Police City, A mega-police training center occupying a wooded area south of Atlanta. He notes that some of these protests have ended in riots, arrests of people and damage to property. .

Manuel Esteban Pace Teran Born on April 23, 1996 In Maracaibo, Venezuela, within an evangelical family. His grandfather was a shepherd, he notes .

Manuel left Venezuela At the age of 7 or 8. We live in Aruba, London, Egypt, Russia. He was very intelligent and learned to speak Arabic. His mother told CNN in March Belgis Teran.

In Aruba, Manual He studied medicine for a year and a half. His mother said he quit racing because he could not bear the loss of human life during his career.

Later the family moved to Panama Manuel Páez Teron studied psychology and sociology.

Finally, he graduated magna cum laude from Florida State University in 2021 with a BA in Psychology.

His mother told CNN Manuel studied extensively and became involved in many social and environmental causes., such as cleaning beaches or parks in Panama. In that country, he founded and led an environmental club and was an assistant professor of biology.

“He respected and cared about people, and that’s why everyone is so sad that he’s gone. Manuel stood out in the jungle community because he served, cooked, washed dishes, took out the trash, jobs that no one else wanted to do.Belkis recalls.

Accordingly In Atlanta Manuel Pace Teran He was part of a group of environmentalists who call themselves Forest Guards, who are planning to build a mega training center for police and firemen on 34 hectares of land. Police City.

Municipal Council Atlanta Approved the construction Public Safety Training Center A budget of 90 million dollars has been allocated in 2021.

Manuel Baez Teran died in a forest near Atlanta. (EFE).

Activists envision building a shooting range, a “simulated city” to rehearse raids, and a driving practice track. This will lead to the felling of hundreds of trees.

boyfriend Small turtleCalled Vienna, they told the AP agency that they started living in the forest to protest the construction. He was an environmental anarchist in the fight against climate change. And by stopping the expansion of a police state, the woman said.

Police confirm that there was a clash with the activists on January 18 Manuel Pace Teran First shot.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the bullet that wounded one agent was fired from a weapon Páez Terán purchased in 2020.

Univision points it out, however An official autopsy found no “gunshot residue.” On clothing or wounds Small turtleIt means that he will be armed.

Officials do not have physical video camera recording to clarify the facts.

In short, the official version says that the young man refused to follow the instructions of the agents One of them was shot first. Agents responded and fired more than fifty shots at him.

According to CBS News, A third autopsy found insufficient evidence to definitively determine what state Pease Terran was in when he was killed.

“Since most shoots are dynamic events that involve multiple scenes [con movimiento]Attempts to place the deceased in a specific position at a specific time are fraught with potential error.wrote the medical examiner.

“There are too many variations regarding the movement of the deceased and the shooters to make firm conclusions about the position of the body.” came to an end.

Belkis Teran and his family next to a photo of Manuel during a press conference, Monday, March 13, 2023. (AP Photo/Alex Slitz)

How did Manuel Baez Teran die?

Univisión notes that the official autopsy indicated that he received several bullets Small turtle One of them “dropped down the left sleeve of his shirt” as forensic experts undressed the body.

As to the cause of death, the medical examiner determined it to be “multiple gunshot wounds” and the manner of death was classified as “homicide.” Univisión said forensic doctors generally use the word “murder” to mean death at the hands of another person and not as a criminal law term to refer to a criminal act.

One of the shots “passed the right eyeball and collapsed and then entered the skull cavity through the right orbital roof.”According to the autopsy.

“Gunshot wounds involve the head, trunk, and bilateral upper and lower extremities, including arms and right leg”, the official forensic report concluded.

Belgis Teran and his son Pedro camped in the jungle of Tartuquita against what was called Cop City. (Páez Terán family).

What does the family say?

Manuel Baez Teran’s family does not believe he had a weapon. “No, that’s a lie. He was without weapons, without anything,” his younger brother, Pedro, told CNN.

On Sunday, March 12, The family went to the forest where Manuel died to spread his ashes.

“He was a funny person, he made jokes, he loved to make art, and he painted for it. For Manuel, painting was a way of expressing himself. That’s why I wouldn’t use a gun.his mother told CNN Belgians.

Belkis said his oldest son, Daniel, was born in Chicago and served 10 years in the U.S. Navy.

“As a veteran player, he is very angry that such incidents are happening in his own country. We are believers, we believe in divine justice, and I believe there will be justice. I can’t say exactly how, but I believe justice will be served.”He said.

Belkis told CNN he wants Manuel to be remembered as a happy, athletic person.Loved skateboarding, skiing, scuba diving, piloting boats and a limitless generosity.

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