April 19, 2024

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Maduro’s government announces that a cruise ship from Europe will arrive in Margarita in January

Maduro’s government announces that a cruise ship from Europe will arrive in Margarita in January
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Presidential Press

On January 3, 2023, Venezuela will receive its first voyage from Europe in 15 years, Tourism Minister Ali Patron said on Thursday, indicating that a German ship will arrive in Margarita Island from Spain.

“January 3 sees the arrival of the first cruise ship from Europe after 15 years. The cellophane of unilateral coercive measures that had blocked cruise ships from Europe for years was broken. The ship is German, but it will depart from Spain and arrive at the port of El Guamache in Margarita,” the minister said. Drama With Nicolás Maduro.

He pointed out that the ferry will bring tourists from Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy from Adigora Beach in Falcon.

Tour action with Russia

On the other hand, Padrón announced that in October the “tour operation” with Russia would resume directly from Moscow to Porlamar. It has a frequency of 5 routes per week and carries an average of 440 tourists per flight.

The official assured that the two governments are working to operate direct flights from the Eurasian country to the Falcon state.

He also highlighted that “thanks to the excellent commercial and all-round relations” between Venezuela and Cuba, there are twice weekly shopping tour flights from Havana to Margarita.

“It is a high quality tour. “The average purchase of Cuban tourism is 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 dollars in 4 days, it’s a purchase tourism that will boost the economy,” he said.

He also announced that he hoped to implement the Havana-Punto Fijo (Balcon) route, although without specifying a date.

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