April 19, 2024

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Macron does not rule out “action on the ground” in Ukraine – DW – 03/17/2024

Macron does not rule out “action on the ground” in Ukraine – DW – 03/17/2024

President of France, Emmanuel MacronHe reiterated that “operations on the ground” may be required UkraineAccording to reports published in Le Parisien newspaper on Saturday night (03/16/2024).

“Perhaps at a given moment – I don't want it, I won't take the initiative – it will be necessary to take action on the ground to confront the Russian forces, whatever they may be,” he declared in the conversation. Friday on his return from Berlin, where he met the German and Polish leaders.

France's strength, he said, is that we can do it.

France, Germany and Poland are “united” in their “determination” to prevent victory Russia On the war against Ukraine, Macron announced Friday, along with the heads of government of Germany, Olaf Scholz and Poland, Donald Tusk.

Macron told a press conference that the three countries would remain loyal to their stance of “never taking the initiative to escalate” after weeks of tension, particularly with Germany, over their strategy to support Ukraine.

Germany's Scholz on Friday announced the creation of a coalition of Ukrainian allies for long-range artillery, a type of weapon that Kiev wants to defend against an invasion by Russian troops starting in February 2022.

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Russians in Germany

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