June 25, 2024

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LOST EPIC Early Access 1.3.0 . is now available

LOST EPIC Early Access 1.3.0 . is now available

Publisher and developer one or eight and developer Earth War Team You have Released Update 1.3.0 for 2D Early Access side scrolling Action RPG epic lostWhich adds the final zone, as well as new, secret, transcendent weapons and tactics.

Get the details below.

The last area “Abyss” awaits

  • The bosses from Story mode come back with more power.
  • This update will finalize the entire main story of epic lost It will allow players to advance to the last area, the “Abyss”. In the abyss, deities known as the “god of eternal darkness” and “twin deities” await the player.
  • And as a new directive, the “Eye of Providence” can be obtained. By activating the Eye of Providence, the hidden path will become visible in the areas you have explored in the past.
  • At the end of these paths, you will be able to get the “fog”, which is a necessary item for more news and weapons.
  • You will be able to upgrade your character by visiting the areas you have already cleared.
  • There are the Returning Bosses, which are the Bosses you killed in the story but came back with even more power. Killing them again will result in better equipment for the player.
  • The new area “The Abyss” is very different from the usual sanctuary that you explored, and the enemies that appear there also change.
  • The player can now face a difficult boss battle “The Returning Boss”.

Insane Weapons & Secret Techniques

  • Weapons can now be further enhanced. Added more weapons that can be bypassed.
  • Added ‘Secret Techniques’ that are powered by combining Divine Skills. Allow for a more diverse group.

Version 1.3.0 Content Added

  • Additional Items
    • The story was carried to the end.
    • Implementation of an additional area “Abyss”.
    • equipment.
    • Human.
    • Divine skill.
    • researchIt can be ordered from NPCs.
  • ImprovesDr Barry
    • Upon success, the toughness of the enemy’s attack increases, and the protection power increases when the enemy is difficult
    • The Great Sword’s weak attack first shot was changed to be able to assemble it.
    • Attack power and protection sharpening are increased upon assembly.
  • Changed so that the status menu is always opened when the menu is opened.
  • The lists of items and materials have been altered.
  • Fixed various menu errors.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • Flashlights, fishing rods, hardened blades, jagged bows, and heavy ax loaves are added to the black market.
  • Added items and weapons to the magazine
  • Minor modifications and bug fixes.

epic lost Now available in early access PC via steam.

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Watch a trailer for the new update below.