February 28, 2024

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Liz Truss will replace Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of England

Liz Truss will replace Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of England

(CNN) –– Liz dress will consider He took over as UK Prime Minister on Monday after winning a majority of votes in the ruling Conservative Party. The current Foreign Secretary will succeed Boris Johnson. He resigned in July after a series of scandals.

Truss, who served as Johnson’s chancellor last year, defeated rival Rishi Sunak with 57% of the Conservative Party vote. Former Finance Minister, It got 43%. The leader comes to lead a nation facing a growing economic and social crisis.

The new prime minister will be sworn in on Tuesday after Johnson formally handed in his resignation letter to Queen Elizabeth. On that day, the monarch will have a private audience with Truss and Johnson in Balmoral, Scotland, where he will accept the resignation and name a successor in a ceremony. On Tuesday, Johnson will remove his belongings from the official Downing Street residence and the new leader will move in.

Liz Truss: “Boris, you’re done with Brexit”

Liz Truss delivers her victory speech after winning a majority in the UK Conservative Party on Monday. (Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Truss pledged action to tackle the economic crisis during his brief victory speech in London on Monday. Without providing details, he promised a “bold plan” to cut taxes and generate economic growth. Additionally, “addressing the energy crisis, dealing with people’s energy bills but also the long-term problems we have with energy supply”.

The new prime minister also paid tribute to Johnson during his speech. “Boris: you’ve done Brexit, you’ve defeated Jeremy Corbyn, you’ve introduced the vaccine, you’ve got Vladimir Putin,” he said. Then added: “I know our beliefs resonate with the British people,” he told a crowd of Conservative MPs. “I campaigned as a conservative and I will govern as a conservative.”

It was a closer-than-expected victory for Truss, a long-time favorite for his popularity among party members. His victory caps weeks of a bitter political campaign in which Sunak has accused the president of risking a prolonged recession if he goes through with promised tax cuts.

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Truss is the third woman to win the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Who is Liz Dress?

Liz dress Can be defined as a political chameleon A radical abolitionist turned standard-bearer for the Eurosceptic conservative right.

Elected to parliament only in 2010, he has established himself in a relatively short time as a political force pursuing his agenda with unrelenting vigor and unmistakable enthusiasm.

To say Truss is on a political journey would be an understatement. He was born in 1975 into a family he described “Labour Left”, the main anti-socialist. He grew up in parts of England that did not traditionally vote Conservative, moving between Scotland and the north of England.

Unlike his privately educated colleagues in Johnson’s cabinet, Truss went to public school in Leeds and later gained a place at Oxford University. There he was an active member of the Liberal Democrats, a centrist opposition party that had long been a formidable opponent to the Conservatives in much of England.

During her time as a liberal Democrat, Truss supported the legalization of marijuana and the abolition of the royal family, positions at odds with what most in 2022 would consider mainstream conservatism.

Truss says he joined the Conservative Party in 1996, two years after calling for an end to the monarchy at the Liberal Democrat conference.

Even then, her fellow liberal Democrats questioned her integrity, a trait they still see in her today.

Liberal Democrat councilor Neil Fawcett, who campaigned with Truss in Washington in the 1990s, said, “Frankly, I think she was talking about what her constituents wanted to hear, whether it was about getting rid of drugs or getting rid of the monarchy.” Don’t know, then or now.”

The dress certainly grabbed the attention of her audience. Since joining the Conservative Party and becoming an MP, he has actively supported every ideology imaginable. He loyally served three Prime Ministers in various cabinet positions and was also Foreign Secretary.

In particular, he supported staying in the EU in 2016. At the time, Truss tweeted: “It’s in Britain’s economic interest and we can focus on key economic and social reform. Home.” .”

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Truss now backs Brexit, saying his fears before the vote that it could lead to a “decline” were misplaced. The challenger is threatening to scrap all remaining EU laws in the UK and scrap the Brexit deal Johnson negotiated with Brussels in a way the EU believes is illegal. He blamed France and the EU for border controls at Dover, the main port between the UK and France.

Why did Boris Johnson resign?

On July 7, Boris Johnson made his announcement He resigned as leader of the Conservative Party Thus becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, following a series of scandals that engulfed his government. The news triggered an internal process within the party to appoint his successor, which culminated in the election of Liz Truss.

But, How did you get to the point of giving up?

The The immediate cause of the crisis Johnson’s resignation was prompted by Deputy Chairman Chris Fincher’s resignation a week earlier amid allegations that he had groped two guests at a private party the night before. Although he did not directly admit to the allegations, Pincher did said In the letter to Johnson: “I drank too much last night” and “embarrassed myself and others”.

What got Johnson in a big bind were the ploys of his administration’s press officers who tried to explain why Pincher was in the government in the first place.

Initially, as new reports of Mr. Fincher’s past misconduct emerged in light of his resignation, Downing Street denied that the Prime Minister had any knowledge of the allegations that arose during Mr. Fincher’s tenure as foreign secretary.

When it became clear that this was not sustainable, Johnson’s team said they were aware of the past allegations, but that they were “exhausted”. When one of the previously unreported charges against Pincher appeared to be upheld, Johnson’s spokesman explained that “resolved” meant upheld.

Scandals rock Boris Johnson’s mandate 1:28
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Later, on July 5, Simon MacDonald, a former Foreign Office official, revealed that he had personally informed Johnson of the outcome of the investigation into Fincher’s conduct.

That same day, upon hearing the news, Health Minister Sajid Javid and Economic Affairs Minister Rishi Sunak They resigned After days of pressure on Downing Street over how allegations of sexual misconduct by a government member were handled.

A question that troubled Boris Johnson in Parliament 0:54

“However, it is clear to me that this situation will not change under your leadership, so I regret that you have lost my trust.” wrote Javid.

Minutes before Sunak and Javid announced their resignations, Johnson admitted it was a “mistake” to appoint Fincher to his government.

But the resignations didn’t stop there. Former Minister Javid’s Parliamentary Private Secretary Saqib Bhatti also decided to resign, while Jonathan Cullis, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, General A resignation letter on social media said it was “with a heavy heart”.

Also, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, Bim Afolami, He resigned Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared on a live TV show after admitting he was aware of previous allegations against Chris Fincher.

Overall, there were more 50 members of Govt Those who resigned from their posts included Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, Treasury Secretary for Finance Helen Wadley and Defense Minister Damian Hinds.

For months, Johnson faced a barrage of criticism about his behavior and that of his government Illegal parties It was staged in his Downing Street offices during the pandemic and he and others were fined.

In June, He survived the vote of confidenceBut the final number of legislators who rebelled against him was higher than his supporters expected: 41% of his own parliamentary party refused to support him.

in the middle Other scams, Johnson sought to reverse the suspension of an associate accused of misconduct; He lost two MPs to sexual misconduct and then failed to regain his seats in a by-election.

With information from Jack Guy, Ivana Kottasová and Rob Picheta.