May 23, 2024

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IzanagiGames and Acquire announce AMEDAMA for PC, a side-scrolling, soul-switching action-adventure game

IzanagiGames and Acquire announce AMEDAMA for PC, a side-scrolling, soul-switching action-adventure game

Publisher and developer IzanagiGames and developer Acquire announce a “side-scrolling, soul-searching action-adventure sandbox” game Amidama for computer (steam). Support for additional platforms is also planned. It will be launched in 2023 in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese with support for Traditional Chinese.

Below is an overview of the game, via file Steam page:


Yushin and his sister Yui run the local umbrella shop. One evening, as it is raining outside, a group of men break in, killing Yushin before Yue Yue’s eyes. With nothing left but his soul, Yushin must fight tooth and nail, possessing any body he can in his quest to find his sister and uncover the truth behind her disappearance. With only seven days left before his soul vanishes, can he save it in time? Transport yourself to feudal Japan in the last years of the Edo period, and experience the story of rain and reincarnation, brought to life through new stunning 2D visuals.

  • Soul transforming encounters – Lacking physical form, you will need to transform your soul into other bodies in the quest to find your sister. Possession gives you complete control over whoever and whatever you inhabit, giving you access to a wide variety of weapons and fighting styles. Depending on your current body, you will encounter different enemies and encounter new faces on your morale journey.
  • Reincarnation and fallout – As you relive the same seven-day period over and over, your choices will affect the story that unfolds around you. Who will you talk to? How will you intervene? Decisions and outcomes are all up to you.
  • violent intrigue – This human drama takes place against the rain-soaked backdrop of mid-19th century Japan, rendered in an evocative pixel style. In a gloomy world AmidamaBeauty and darkness are two sides of the same coin.

Whichever, Japan. The last years of the Edo period. One rainy evening, a group of men break into the town’s brother and the umbrella shop his sister runs. Yushin is cut off in front of his sister Yui, leaving her alone in the world. Next thing he knows, he’s looking at his doomed corpse – a disembodied spirit. The grim incident shattered the peace in these backwaters. Hiding beneath the surface is a complex and deep-rooted conspiracy shrouded in mystery. Until Yui is safe, not even death is enough to extinguish Yushin’s soul. He will stop at nothing in his quest, transforming from one body to another, possessing anyone and anything to save his sister. But just seven days before his soul left this world – could he save Yue Zhong in time?

This is a tale of rain, reincarnation and revenge.

Work crew

  • Development / Marketing: IzanagiGames
  • Planning: Acquire
  • Character design: loss (Fate / Great MedalAnd Two Ranbu collars)
  • Audio recording: Yoko Komiyama (monster hunter series)

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots in the gallery. Follow the game on Twitter here: EnglishAnd Japanese.

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