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Italian scientists provide the first picture of the omigran strain of the corona virus


27 November 2021 22:13 GMT

B.1.1.529 strain was detected this month in South African countries.

Italian scientists on Saturday unveiled the first image of the spike protein of the new omigron strain of the corona virus, which was first detected in countries on the African continent in early November.

Image created in a multimodal medical laboratory Hospital baby Jesus (Rome, Italy), with the participation of Claudia Alteri, Valentino Costabile, Rossana Scutari and Luna Colagrossi.

Representation shows the proteins of the delta (left) and Ómicron (right) strains. The most confusing areas are marked in red. In the delta variant, the number of modified amino acid residues was 18, with 43 of the new strains.

This does not mean that the variants are more dangerous, according to the researchers, but rather that the virus adapts more to the human species and creates a variation. “Other studies will tell us whether this adaptation is neutral, less dangerous, or more likely,” the newspaper was quoted as saying. Courier della sera For scientists.

What do you know about the new variant?

For this Saturday, the Strain P.1.1.529 Spread to Europe and registered Two cases UK and other From In Germany. Similarly, Italy and the Czech Republic confirmed the first epidemic of this variant.

According to the UK Health Safety Agency, this strain contains a completely different spike protein than the original corona virus based on the Govt vaccine.

After the emergence of the new variant, it is feared that some vaccines may be opposed, with several countries, including Israel, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Spain, announcing that they will ban their citizens from traveling south of the continent. , As well as the entry of foreigners from that region.

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World Health Organization Will be assigned The Greek letter micron for the new variant of the corona virus and described the variant as “worrying”.