December 9, 2023

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Ciudad Juárez and other border towns in northern Mexico are experiencing tension because of migrants unable to enter the United States.

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On March 12, the last mass crossing of immigrants from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso took place.

“We’re human beings, we’re human beings, we have rights, it’s not fair for them to treat us like this, we have children, they don’t care, we’ve been in Mexico for a long time.”

Genesis Barra, a Venezuelan woman, carried a minor on her shoulders and wailed through the crowd.

The newspaper recorded the scene true On March 12, on the Paso del Norte International Bridge that connects the Mexican municipality of Ciudad Juárez with El Paso in the United States.

Was very recent Mass crossing attempt The border region between Mexico and the United States is experiencing an influx of migrants fueled in part by rumors circulating on social networks.

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