December 11, 2023

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It could be a Persona movie or TV series on the road from Sega

It could be a Persona movie or TV series on the road from Sega

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picture: Atlas / Sega

Sega video game publisher, after his live-action success My voice Movies, looking to adapt more games into movies or TV shows. Specifically, Sega says it is in the early stages of producing live-action mods for Atlus games, such as Character And the Shin Megami Tensei.

Sega revealed this little bit of news to IGN, to tell the outlet that it wants to expand how it tells stories, and its plans to make this a big part of its business strategy. Or in other words, some recent live-action game mods have collected a lot of money at the box office, Including its own My voice MoviesAnd you want to keep this money train going.

JRPG franchise Character It looks like it may be the first game to get the live-action treatment as part of Sega’s new initiative focused on adaptation.

“The worlds of Atlus are filled with high drama, sophisticated style, and engaging characters,” said Toru Nakaharaon, lead producer behind the live action. My voice Films and Sega Head of Entertainment Production. “Stories like the ones in Character The franchise truly resonates with our fans and we see an opportunity to expand knowledge like no one has seen – or played – before.”

“Together, Sega and Atlus are bringing these stories and worlds to life through new media and for new audiences,” added Nakaharon.

Of course, this early Sega didn’t have much to say about these projects, when to expect them, what forms they would take, who would be involved in producing them, nor where they might end up. All Sega said IGN is that he is currently talking with several studios and producers about any future edits.

Sega / Xbox

But with more than 200 services and streaming channels, all desperate to bring out as much content as possible to keep subscriber numbers growing, it’s not hard to see a future in which Amazon or Hulu will be interested in a series of live events. On a popular franchise like Character.

Kotaku I reached out to Sega and inquired if the company had any other details to share about any of its projects.

You can add any capabilities Character TV shows or movies The growing list of video game mods is currently in the works. Hollywood in recent years has become more hungry than ever for IP addresses and privileges to create movies and shows around, and Video games are fast becoming The latest places for producers to look for their next big hit.

In the meantime, if all this talk about Character The movies make you excited to go back and play the original JRPG games, Sega is relaunching Persona 3, 4, And the 5 across every platform, including switch.

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