April 13, 2024

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Iranian arrested for preparing attack against Israelis – DW – 03/08/2024

Iranian arrested for preparing attack against Israelis – DW – 03/08/2024

The Peruvian authorities An Iranian national arrested by agents of the Directorate of Counter-Terrorism in Lima has accused him of belonging to the Quds Force. Revolutionary Guardand preparing an attack against an Israeli businessman in the Peruvian capital, official and judicial sources said this Friday (03/08/2024).

The arrested man, Majid Assisi, had the cooperation of Peruvian citizen Walter Osvaldo Linares, who is being detained, and a third man who was described by the Peruvian National Police (PNP) as a fugitive from justice and dangerous. It is a statement. Assisi was paraded in front of the media at police headquarters.

The brief described the fugitive from justice as someone who was going to carry out the attack “in a form of selective destruction,” later identified as Angelo Felipe Truzios. Assisi was arrested Thursday after withdrawing the money from a bank branch in Lima's Plaza de Armas, in the heart of the capital's historic and tourist center surrounded by Congress, the presidency and other official headquarters.

“good job”

Interior Minister Victor Torres said the arrest was made possible by “good investigative work” by the authorities. For his part, PNP Chief of General Staff Gen. Oscar Arriola, quoted in a Ministry of Interior report, described the alleged Iranian terrorist as planning to return to his country this Friday, having acquired Peruvian citizenship through his wife.

Arriola assured that Assisi was “part of the Quds Force,” the elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard responsible for military intelligence operations outside Iranian borders. Reward Scheme of Ministry of Home Affairs.

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The prosecutor's office confirmed that the target of the attack was an Israeli citizen, however, like the PNP, it did not clarify his identity. The attack is said to be carried out in the framework of the annual meeting of leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Peru in November.