September 27, 2023

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Intel 14th Gen Core ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ reportedly to launch between October 17th and 23rd

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14th Gen Intel desktop computer launched in mid-October

called a Chinese media outlet enthusiastic citizen (ECSM), which has a track record of leaking CPU makers’ plans before they’re released to the public, claims that Intel plans to launch the 14th generation series in mid-October.

ECSM specifies that the launch will happen in week 42 of this year, which falls between October 17th and October 23rd. Presumably this is based on yet to be released Intel roadmaps.

The launch schedule will follow the usual pattern of splitting Core-K and non-K models, which have been the standard for Intel desktop CPUs for the past few years. The latter is expected to launch in the first week of 2024, so one can probably expect another CES launch.

As for platform support, it’s clear that the update will work with all current LGA1700 motherboards that have the latest BIOS, with the exception of one processor. The upcoming Core i7-14700K is said to use a new configuration of 8 Performance and 12 efficient cores, which may need new firmware.

Intel Core 14/15 rumor series, Source: ECSM / Bilibili

ECSM also mentions its next generation desktop platform called Arrow Lake. This architecture will bring a real refresh to Intel’s desktop series with completely new designs and a different socket (most likely LGA-1851). The report lists Intel Z890, B860, and H810 motherboard chipsets as possible options, with no plans for the H870 chipset this time around. This means that Intel has matched the naming of its core consumer and platform products to AMD: Core 3/5/7/9 vs. Ryzen 3/5/7/9 and Z890/B860/H810 vs. X670/B650/B620.

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Interestingly, the same media reported last year that the 13th generation “Lake Raptor” would debut in mid-October, following its planned unveiling in September. It turns out that’s true, and enthusiasts may now feel a sense of familiarity, since Intel seems to follow an annual update cycle that’s almost identical to the update.

Intel’s desktop CPU roadmap is rumored
Cards video Alder Lake Raptor Lake Raptor Lake update Arrow Lake Tiger Lake
Lunch date Fourth quarter 2021 Fourth quarter 2022 Fourth quarter 2023 2024 2025
CPU node Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 20A / TSMC 3nm processor TBC
The number of CPU cores 8P + 8E 8P+16E 8P+16E 8P+32E 8P+16E
µArch big kernel Golden Cove Raptor Cove Raptor Cove Lyon Cove Cougar Cove
µArch microkernel gracemont gracemont gracemont skymont skymont
µArch graphics XH-LP XH-LP XH-LP XH– liquefied petroleum gas TBC
Intel 600/700
Intel 600/700
Intel 600/700
Intel 800
Intel 800
Memory support DDR4-3200
PCIe Gen PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0
The basic series twelfth generation core Thirteenth Generation Core 14 generation core Intel CoreNext Intel CoreNext

source: ECSM