June 20, 2024

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If a mother shoots her children in their sleep they will not survive

If a mother shoots her children in their sleep they will not survive

The woman is going to move out of the house where she lived due to debt harassment. It belongs to a relative of her ex-husband.

A mother in Pennsylvania has been charged with shooting her two children while they were sleeping.

Trinh Nuen is said to have shot his sons: Jedi Dini, 13, and Nelson Dini, 9, public reports.

The 38-year-old mother has divorced the children’s father and will be evicted from her home without being able to pay rent.

According to court records, the Courier Times and CBS News Philly report that Nguyen’s ex – husband’s cousin – who owns the house where he lived with his children – are about to evict him.

After shooting the children in the head, the mother pointed a revolver at her neighbor, Gianni Melkiyondo, 22, in the duplex where they lived, but did not fire. The mother then fled in a minivan.

The police monitored and arrested her, and she now faces charges of attempted murder, which could escalate into murder. Doctors do not expect children to survive, and they are connected to life support machines to donate their organs.

The case is under investigation.

Nguyen and the children’s father, Edward Tini, were recently divorced. The woman had to pay $ 11,000 in rent to her ex-husband’s sister and the letter came asking him to move out.

Authorities received a call that there was a woman suspected of having a gun. Gianni Melchiondo told authorities that Nguyen had given her a box containing photos to give to the woman’s ex-husband.

He then noticed her pointing a gun at him. Melkiyondo says he pulled the trigger twice, but did not fire, and he was able to take the revolver away from him.

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Officers who entered the home found the children shot in the head and they were immediately rushed to the hospital. The mother, who was at the church, was found and arrested by police.

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