May 26, 2024

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How I Changed My Life With Bitcoin From Working A Lot And Earning Little

How I Changed My Life With Bitcoin From Working A Lot And Earning Little

Young Salvadoran Gerardo Moran took to Twitter to recount his story with Bitcoin (BTC), which he thinks will lead to a better future as he turns 18.

By his count, Moran was one of 5,000 students the NGO Mi Primer Bitcoin created in a month as part of a tour that traveled through 23 municipalities in El Salvador in the first months of the year.

However, Moran first heard about Bitcoin in 2021. “When I found out that a magical internet money is declared legal in El Salvador“, said.

After a while, he saw that a segment of the population was protesting against the move by President Nayeb Bukele. At the time, he added, many Salvadorans used negative terms to refer to Bitcoin.

“They talked about volatility, fraud and politics, but something told me that The decision to make Bitcoin legal tender is the right one”, said the young man from the municipality of Concepción de Ataco, located in western El Salvador.

Later, through his learning and lessons learned from My First Bitcoin, he discovered that people in his country were not afraid of cryptocurrency, but rather of the unknown.

“That’s when I realized it The people of El Salvador need only education”. Surely this way they will change their opinion about the first of cryptocurrencies. He commented on Twitter.

Salvadoran Gerardo Moran believes Bitcoin has the power to change people’s lives, as happened in his case. Source: gerardomoran414/Twitter.

Fall down the rabbit hole

Gerardo Morán claims that he has worked in construction or tourism-related activities since he was 11 years old.

So, from the very beginning, he learns about one of the greatest evils that mankind suffers from, and that is truth. Fiat money leads to incentive decay. Because over time it loses value and forces people to work more to meet their needs.

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In fact, Moran came to think about it, and makes it clear when he points out: “I tried to justify why people in my country do so much work for so little money. He lived off of it because he was paid $6 for working on a construction site.

Until one day he decided that this small allocation of resources was not enough for him. “So I resigned not knowing I had a chance,” he added.

He decided to jump down the rabbit hole as they say. When a person decides to read and understand the surrounding principles For Bitcoin.

That moment came to Moran thanks to Napoleon Osorio, instructor at My First Bitcoin. This happened when the NGO visited his school to give talks to students who wanted to learn about the basics of cryptocurrencies.

My First Bitcoin was created in 2021 to train people in El Salvador in Bitcoin, although it is also reaching out to other countries such as Mexico, Honduras and the United States.

Not only did Moran complete his diploma, but he also applied in the best way, which opened the door for him to qualify as a Bitcoin instructor at the same institution where he studied, along with 60 other students.

Gerardo Moran mentors other young people who like him want to learn the principles of Bitcoin. Source: gerardomoran414/Twitter.

Gerardo Moran: “My Life Changed With Bitcoin”

“We are now proudly educating people in the western part of El Salvador. This job has given me opportunities I never thought possible. It allows me to work, continue my studies and meet people while passing on this knowledge to students younger than me.”

Gerardo Moran, my first bitcoin instructor.

Antonio J. in Moran Concepcion de Ataco. Alfaro educates a group of 8 senior faculty about Bitcoin at the school where he himself received his bachelor’s degree.

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“Now I’m running a bitcoin education in my hometown,” said the young Salvadoran, who says he now follows the advice of famous bitcoiner Matt Odell: “Be humble and use chats.”

Now you know it Bitcoin is money that is not controlled by the government or any company. Also, it’s an asset that rises in price over time, which drives the incentives created out of work.