February 27, 2024

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“I hope I find him alive”


Maracaibo.- Maria Rodríguez found out through social networks that her son was one of the victims of the migrant flow. Texas, America identified him in a viral video. He was found unconscious next to other youths who were motionless.

Your son’s name, Christian Jesus Sangroni (19), appears on unofficial lists of those who died in the Brownsville tragedy, but they have not yet confirmed the death of her first child.

I hope to find my son alive because he left wanting to live. “Though a thousand lists say my son is dead, my mother’s heart says he is not,” Rodriguez assured over the phone. Whistle.

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Christian and other youths were attacked on Sunday, May 7. Mexican Jorge Alvarez, 34, in front of a migrant shelter, he had marijuana, cocaine and the drug benzodiazepine in his system at the time of the accident, according to US media.

I am looking for a visa

On Tuesday afternoon, May 9, Maria took a bus to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. He arrived at the US Embassy today, Wednesday the 10th in the afternoon Apply for a humanitarian visa that will allow you to reach Texas And look for his son. But he got no answer.

“I’m at the Venezuelan embassy to see what they can solve for me. I’m desperate,” she admitted.

Maria and her family are from Marrakesh, Aragua state. Lived in Santa Marta, Colombia for five years. “I left Venezuela because I had no way to feed my children. “My husband had two jobs and we didn’t have enough money to eat, if we ate breakfast we didn’t have dinner,” she said.

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His son Christian made his trip to America on March 21. The route also includes crossing Darien’s hospitable forest, the border between Colombia and Panama. “When he entered Darien, my worries began. If he goes through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, agony, after agony. On April 1, they decide to change themselves. On May 4, he comes out of there and tells me: ‘Mother, I did it. I’m already in America. I told him to take care of himself, not on the street.”

Maria Rodriguez He went to the US Embassy Apply for a humanitarian visa that will allow you to reach Texas | Photo: Courtesy

Christian’s motivation for coming to America was to provide a quality life for his family. “My son’s dream is to work and give me a good life, give me a house. I said no, I wanted to be with him. He told me: ‘In five years in Colombia we have raised a thousand dollars, I’m not complaining about Colombia, but I want to think bigger’.

Christian entered the Obispo Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center Saturday night, a shelter serving immigrants and the homeless in Brownsville. That night Mary heard her son’s voice.

I worked until 4am that morning to get the $80 he needed. When he called me at 6:14 on Sunday morning I was asleep and didn’t hear. I wrote him at 9:00: ‘I am very angry because I did not answer your call, I hope you are well’. I came to know about the accident at 2:30 pm.

Maria wants to go to Texas and find her son. “When I arrive, I am going to make sure that many mothers know where their children are.. I go for my son and those boys. That man wanted to do evil.”

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