February 28, 2024

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Hollywood’s biggest stars arrive in dazzling outfits at the 2023 Academy Awards

Hollywood’s biggest stars arrive in dazzling outfits at the 2023 Academy Awards

Hollywood’s most famous faces touched down at the Dolby Theater ahead of the 2023 Academy Awards — and it looks like they decided to go traditional this year…with some elegant fits.

Check out all the stars who’ve arrived in LA so far… posing for the cameras as they head inside, grab their seats, and show off their outfits. As you can see, almost all of the hot movies — that is, the actors who were nominated — went with a fairly classic look.

The men are in black and white tuxedos and the ladies are in gorgeous gowns of different colours. We have to say, everyone is dressed to impress — and the aesthetic is definitely Oscar-worthy.

As for who made his bid at this point… Austin Butler, Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Fraser, Ana de Armas, Keri Condon, Stephanie Hsu, Jonathan Majors, Danai Gurira, Zendaya, Sandra Oh, Florence Pugh, Elizabeth Olsen , Paul Mescal, Paul Dano, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sigourney Weaver, Halle Bailey, Idris Elba, Antonio Banderas and more.

Some of these people are going to be getting the actual Oscars, but the vast majority are presenting the awards tonight. There are at least 40 A-listers tapped to take to the stage and hand out statuettes… so Dolby will be full of talent everywhere.

The favorite for a sweeping survey in almost every category is ‘everything everywhere at once’ – with Michelle Yeoh and Kee Hee Hui Quan leading the charge. They’ve gotten there in person…but it’s pretty clear that they’re Oscar’s beloved darlings this season.

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There’s a lot to look forward to, but one thing almost everyone has been waiting for is how host Jimmy Kimmel addresses last year’s Oscar slap in the face…which he said he would.

We’re less than an hour away from showtime, and more celebrities are flocking by the minute. The stage is set, and the champagne-colored rug is rolled/moved over it.

Stay tuned!