July 15, 2024

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Ferris Bueller’s story is about servant men who steal his car

Not pictured: These guys

Not pictured: These guys
picture: Basic (Getty Images)

It’s a question everyone who has watched John Hughes’ beloved teen comedy asks Ferris Bueller’s Day Off In the end he asks, “Why are we spending all this time with these lousy kids while we can watch the servant men, huh? What are these guys going to do while this idiot stares at the painting?”

Now, finally, this thirst for knowledge can be eliminated Limit Reports That a new movie falls into a wider range Ferris Bueller Cinematic universe in action: Sam and Victor’s day offwhich will delve into, well, Unless these two people have mentioned before Men’s servant (played by Richard Edson and Larry “Flash” Jenkins in the Hughes movie) were at the ready while they were blown up around Chicago in Cameron’s father’s car.

No, we don’t know why that happens either.

The movie is compiled by John HorowitzAnd the Hayden SchlossbergAnd the Josh Held, behind the team Cobra KaiThey obviously have some experience digging deeper into the legends of the icons ’80s movies more than one might at first suppose would support. Bill Bosley appears to be writing the script.

And like, are we wrong, or does this sound like something that might be brought up Five services before streaming? Perhaps during that intoxicating period when, Hell, anything Quibi can be if you have money and just Thought hard enough? boiler He’s still loved, of course, but no one knows who the hell “Sam and Victor” are; You basically assume that the audience will see the word“Day off” in the title, hear one of these “Bow bend oh oh yeah” outside the soundtrack in the trailer and They have a kind of Pavlovian reaction that forces them to watch the movie. WWhy not just write an original comedy about some servant men? what is the boiler touch up do? Is this one of thosengWhere is someone trying to hold onto the copyright or something? It’s totally confusing stuff.

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