June 21, 2024

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He used ChatGPT to find his wife by talking to 5,000 women

He used ChatGPT to find his wife by talking to 5,000 women

With millions of profiles, finding love on a dating app can be difficult, however one person proved otherwise and saved a lot of time using an artificial intelligence tool.

According to 'Gizmodo', Alexander Zadan ended his last relationship in 2021, so he started looking for a partner again in Moscow using Tinder, the most popular dating app around the world.

After hours of browsing profiles, sending messages, and finally getting dates he didn't want, the young man decided to program OpenAI's GPY-2, a tasteful, artificial intelligence tool that reassures him and helps him connect with women in common, turning him into your dating assistant.

Thanks to this program, Alexander 'chatted' with 5,239 women on Tinder, planned 100 dates, and finally one of them ended up being his future wife.

After learning what he could do with ChatGPT, he decided to use it to help break the ice, making the program sound like him by understanding his interests and being able to schedule meetings and put them on his smartphone's calendar.

To identify gatherings, Jathan filtered those profiles with photos of alcohol and zodiac signs in their biographies, along with other traits he didn't find attractive.

It wasn't easy

When he began his search, the first version of the program could hold conversations, but it began to present typographical errors, in one case it planned a meeting and promised to bring flowers and chocolates, something that was not verified and the girl was very nice. disappointment

After perfecting the AI ​​tool, this man's assistant whittled down 5,000 women to one Karina Vyalshakova, who has her first date in December 2022.

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After several meetings, the connection was so strong that Jathan stopped looking for matches on Tinder and started a relationship with Karina, with whom he settled down after a while, and eventually they got engaged.

Kareena found out about this whole plan a few months after they started their relationship and she didn't mind, she was surprised at what he had planned.

“He spent a lot of time customizing these triggers, so for me, it's good to use them judiciously. I think our connection in real life is the most important thing, which is great,” said the woman.

Although Karina believes that this AI assistant can help others find the love of their life, Jathan decided not to put it up for sale, having spent thousands of dollars programming it, except that the app was banned in Russia.