June 26, 2024

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Harassment Destiny 2 Dev Drops Mic with Arc 3.0 Detection Ability

Harassment Destiny 2 Dev Drops Mic with Arc 3.0 Detection Ability

Destiny 2's Saint-14 has no time for haters.

picture: bungee

Bungie revealed a massive Arc 3.0 rework for Fate 2Lightning capabilities today, and while the rundown includes a number of changes that are sure to keep fans happy, one of the game’s biggest surprises is due to one of the game’s community’s darkest moments earlier this year. Fortunately, the developer on the receiving end has the last laugh.

At the end of MayAnd the Fate 2 Kevin Yanes, head of sandbox design, wrote on Twitter that Twilight Garrison will not be returning to the game. The fan-favourite Titan Exotic chest piece from Fate 1 Allow players to dribble through the air, which adds more mobility to the punch tank class. One player replied: “The giants will never be able to dodge the air again, it is part of the identity of a mage.” “Sorry but I want to rip that bandage off.”

Being honest and being open with fans ended up igniting a firestorm of vitriol among them, which resulted in Yanes getting teased from Twitter. By the time he finally came back, it was just a matter of reposting posts that had nothing to do with the game. And it wasn’t just Jans. else fate The developers have retreated from the community, too, with court cases later revealing how serious some of the fan threats are. There were angry voicemails, half-hearted text messages, and even death threats, According to Bungie’s lawsuits.

As it turns out, Twilight Garrison is back at Fate 2 After all, or at least a close spiritual successor. Wednesday bungee detection The new Arc 3.0 Titans’ arsenal will include ground-dodge. “One of the biggest changes coming to the Arc Titan is the new Thruster class ability,” the development team wrote. “By double-clicking a button while on the ground, the Titan explodes toward the throttle at speed, resulting in a quick first-person dodge, comparable from a distance to a Hunter’s dodge.”

It’s not quite a Twilight Garrison, but it’s close, and Titan fans are already starting to get comfortable about combining it with an improved shoulder charge and Knockout melee to contend with.

Simply Yannis replied On Twitter with the emergence of a popular meme Smash Bros. Content Creator Masahiro Sakurai: “Never ask me anything again.”

Of course, the fact that Twilight Garrison is actually making a comeback in some way is ultimately still off topic. People were filthy and there were no excuses. as a single player Explanation on RedditAnd the

Now the top reddit thread later today will be “We owe Kevin Yannis an apology” or some bullshit. This is not how it works. You don’t owe an apology to someone because you work your way up later. He owes an apology because people have been ridiculously miserable to him for a meager privilege that has gone on longer than there ever was.

The rest of the Arc 3.0 notes go into the reworked capabilities in detail. Arc has always been one of the most fun sub-category groups out there fatethe new version looks as if it Based on what has already worked. Hunters get Blink back, Warlocks get a sliding teleport called Lightning Surge, and a new buff called Amplified will allow everyone to move a lot faster. Hopefully, this will mean a renaissance in mobility-led architectures. The mages were already starting to grumble about some changes, but like ForbesPaul Tassi pointsPlayers won’t really know how things will change until Arc 3.0 is tested in the wild when Season 18 begins on August 23.

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